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Is it becomming trendy for pregnant women to show off their bare pregnant bellies in public?
I remember seeing a pregnant woman last summer walking in a local park wearing a bare midriff outfit. I didn't think much of it then, but this past week I saw a woman working out at my gym who gad to be 6-7 months and was wearing a bare midriff workout outfit. Is this a trend? It doesn't bother me at all. It just seems unusual.
If anyone says it is disgusting, i am going to slap them.

I think it is a beautiful thing. There is a huge difference between showing a huge, firm preggo belly, and some chubby person hanging their wobbly belly over their belt.

Pregnancy is something alot of teenagers think is disgusting, which makes me lost any respect i might've had for them.

The same with breastfeeding. Babies need to drink, and if you start making rude comments or perve, that is wrong.

These two things are natural as your god intended, don't blame the baby for changing the mothers body, and grow up.
Has it become stylish for a pregnant woman to wear clothes displaying her bare, pregnant belly in public?
They never did that when I was young, but I see it more and more now. Last summer I several pregnant women at different times wearing bra tops showing their bellies. It is still too cold to do it outside where I live, but I did see a pregnant woman at the gym wearing bare belly workout clothes. Is this the normal way for pregnant women to dress now?
Bearing your stomach isn't fashionable unless you are Britney Spears in the 90s...and that includes nobody, these days.
I have noticed several pregnant women wearing skimpy clothes to show bare pregnant belly. New fashion trend?
I noticed this several times in outside settings over the warm summer months. But I have seen far along pregnant women wearing very skimpy bare belly outfits working out at my gym. Have you noticed this trend and what do you think about it?
Women have been showing their pregnant bellies and "baby bumps" for a while now. Demi Moore showed her very pregnant belly on Vanity Fair magazine cover in 1991.

I honestly don't see why a woman would show her pregnant belly to the world. I wouldn't, but to each her own. So much for modesty!
Is it becomming fashionable for pregnant women to wear bare belly clothes in public to show off their bellies?
In recent months I have seen two very pregnant women wearing bikinis at a local swimming spot. I have also seen pregnant women with bare belly tops at a mall and in retail stores. Also, I work out at a large coed gym, and one pregnant woman is there working out in a bare belly top several days a week. What is your opinion on this?
Oh HELL NAW! C'mon man. Sometimes I like to eat in public. Thats just inconsiderate and down-wrong rude if a fat preggie woman did that to me. If she did, then I'll show her my shotgun blast wound and make her fat *** miscarry!
Can she get pregnant from bare grinding?
ok so me and my girl friend are considering bare bumping and gringing. i read online that just precum on the entrance to the vagina can get her pregnant. so if we try bumping and grinding with neither of us having clothes on, but never actually having penitration, what are the chances of her getting pregnant?
Why don't you put a condom on if you are this worried? OR, better yet. Wait?
My boyfriend rubbed his bare penis against my undies could i be pregnant?
My boy and i were fooling around and he rubbed his bare penis up against my vagina through my undies, i could feel his penis pushing up against it, he didnt come though i was wondering if i could be pregnant because of pre-***? if he did? we both dont know if he did pre *** or not.
all this was when i was wearing undies.
well was he jizzing?
Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend rubs his bare penis against my vagina if I have panties on?
Hey can I get pregnant if my boyfriend and I do that but I'm wearing panties and I only allow him to precum?? Thanks!
Well, it depends on if the pre c*m is only on your underwear and it didn't get anywhere near your vagina or anything. If not, you're fine. You could always take the morning after pill if you're really scared but I think you're okay.
How did you make your nausea bare able when you were pregnant?
I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and I can't look or smell any sort of food. I'm only able to eat saltines and they are even starting to make my stomach turn. I haven't threw up too much but the nausea is crazy. What have you done to help ease your pain? Also how long did your nausea last? Almost any smell makes me wanna yack! thanks for your answers.♥
I'm almost 12 weeks and finally starting to ease out of the morning sickness. It was worst around 6-8 weeks then it started to ease off. I take vitamin B6 every morning, that helps a lot. Check with your doctor on the dosage, because too much can hurt the baby. I also try to eat first thing when I get up. When it was really bad I was having DH bring me some plain toast in bed before I got up. Gingerale worked pretty well, but I got sick of it fast. I have also heard to try a little bit of peanut butter on the crackers (got that from my Dr) and it seemed to help some. Something about the protein combined with the carbs. I also try to avoid foods and smells that I know will set me off, and when I feel like I need to vomit I go sit down near the bathroom and sip water. Or, if you feel like what you just ate may come back, try laying down on your left side. That helps your body digest and get the food through your stomach faster.

I hope you feel better soon! My doctor told me that by 12 or 13 weeks most women feel a lot better. I know that seems like a long time but you'll make it! Good luck!
My wife is getting pregnant do you think she can handle to bare a guy when she has bone problem?
Do you think I need to let her test for a bone density?
She should be on prenatal vitamins and taking a calcium supplement if she has a bone disease like osteoporosis. The OB/GYN doctor will watch her closely and may elect to do a c-section to prevent her from possibly damaging her hips if they are affected. The most important thing is prenatal care, so find a doc she likes and go often

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