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What's the best technique to pleasing a woman through oral sex?
I want to be better than I am for the woman I love so ladies please tell me what to do
You have to use your imagination and creativity. Giving pleasure to a woman through oral sex depends on choice of the woman. Like sex, before getting into act of oral , you have to get into foreplay and ensure your partner is in right mood and emotionally , psychologically and physically fully relaxed. It may be a good idea to slowly undress her and give her a gentle massage before starting the act.

Take feedback about what she is liking and what is causing pain. Learn how much pressure you should give by your lips and tongue. Understand her erogenous zones. Many guys do not know what to do with hands while they are giving oral to the woman partner! Use both hands to create more excitement. Some women get excited if you make moaning sounds while giving oral sex.

Lastly , if she likes , you can have mutual oral sex , what is famously called as 69 position.
What is the best technique to give a woman the most pleasure when performing oral sex?
I need to know because I need to do it to my girlfriend and get her really going.
Well theres a bunch of information on the web, but heres a few thing I picked up along the way.

1. Perform the Alphabet.
Write the alphabet with your tongue. The next step involves a lot of tongue dexterity. Once she is wet, spread out the lips of her vagina to expose the inside. This is the time you write with your tongue. Start by learning your ABCs. Once you have gone through the alphabet, go to your numbers.

2. Find her clit.
Use the larger portion of your tongue and do circles, then go up and down, and stuff like that.

Anyways, hope that helped. Feel free to message me if there is anything else.
What would be the best way to give a man oral sex?
I ould like to know how I can give good oral sex nd how can I learn how to deep throat. Ae there any good techniques? please help!!
if you have a gag reflex there is a product you can purchase from companys like pure romance that is flavored, and you put it on him when you start, and it will numb your throat so you will be able to do that... i don't have a gag reflex, but some of my friends have tried the product and it really works... plus your boyfriend will love you for it!
Guys Please answer =)?
Hey guys, could you please describe the best oral sex techniques that have been used on you? Or things you would like to try with your partner. What makes head really good for you?

Please don't reply to this if you are like 14, that is really disturbing. No immature responses please. Thanks. =)
suck the head really hard, and/or lick just behind the balls -- mind blowing
HELP!!! whats the best way 2 give a girl oral sex?
any hints, special techniques and just advice in general would be very much appreciated.
My advice would be to ask the girl in question what she likes. We are all different and most girls would appreciate you asking.
Do women prefer oral sex over real intercourse?
Just curious. I'm in a very close and loving relationship and just want to find the best ways to please my woman even more. Size is not an issue, but I was just curious if I should focus more on oral sex over intercourse. What techniques are the most preferred by women? Do most women truly enjoy getting their anus licked (seriously, this is what many of my friends and their girlfriends have stated)? Are there any new or "better" positions for receiving oral sex or intercourse for my special lady? Answers open to both male and female genders. Thanks alot (and please note that I am not trying to be perverted. Just trying to please my woman as much as humanly possible)!!!
As most people have said here it really depends on the woman. The most important phrase to remember is "you can use your tongue to get women in bed... and use it to keep them there"

When I survey the thousand women for writing a book on sexuality here's the numbers the percentage of women that like oral sex:

48% all the time
37% said sometimes what I would like other things also
15% said yes, but I think that most guys are not very good at it

Being good at oral sex makes a lot of women very very happy.

You ask are there any better positions. Having her lay in a mission style position while both your hands are on her nipples and your tongue is on the clit is a sure winner. Most guys go at this like a dog licking up a bowl of water.... communicate with her..... ask her what feels the best..... tell her to instruct you thoughtout go to the left ...right harder softer.... when you have learned her particular spot stay on it.

Anal licking... what a question..... I would say that most women do not like this.... consider it dirty..... on the other hand there are some women it just totally go freaking crazy on it. I would approach this cautiously and maybe the around that area and say ... Does this feel okay.... and move a little closer..... then a little more. Keep getting her response. Of course any women I've ever been with that like this also like anal sex....

Mark Burnett
author -
Best makeout techniques?
Hi I just wanted to open the floor for anyone who wants to put forward their best makeout techniques. This could be a guy or girl who uses a technique regularly that he feels is good or someone who had had someone recently use a technique on them they liked the feel of! hahaa.
Also how much if at all do people feel making out relates to and/or is a gauge on how good someone is at oral sex as my friend always says this has been a good indication for him and he's gotten alot of it.
Haha, pressing up against them just before you kiss usually works a treat. Not rushing in with tongues right away and roaming hands ;)
Oral sex - can't breathe!?
I recently performed oral sex on my boyfriend for the first time. The trouble was even when he wasn't inside my mouth deeply I couldn't breathe, I found I was basically holding my breath while doing it and relying on the odd short gasp to compensate.
What is the best technique for breathing and giving a bj?

Thanks in advance!
I have this problem occasionally. I have found the best way is to try and breathe out the sides of my mouth. Also do different things while your down there, like licking and touching and kissing. My husband says it's all about the slow build, so the more I change it up the better it is for him. I also pace myself so that when I am going down I breathe out and once I am at the tip I take a breathe, it works once you get a rhythm going. I hope this helps.
ok ..whats the best oral sex youv ever recieved??what was his technique??fast or slow...constant steady motions or change speeds up...up and down on the clitoris or circles?hard or soft?please dont take offense i just want to please my gf better....i get her realy close but at the end she cant take any more..kinda like it feels too good but might also be tickling...what can i do to finish her off.???
Everyone is different, different strokes for different folks, but if she is close whatever you do don't STOP!! Unless she says too, of course. I like alot of pressure with steady strokes, use a lot of tounge. But she might like something totally different, but I would try it anyway. Like you were licking an icecream cone.
Women--how do I make it better?
Wat is the best technique for oral sex? Should i start incorporating my hands more?
Stimulate the cli t

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