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All Comments

Why do Latinos and Black Gay men.....put on a "thug" image?
I've met so many Latinos and Black men that they are gay or bisexual but they always put on a "thug" image........
I dont know why.... but im glad they do......

Thats HOT !!!!
Why are all black guys gay thugs?
why are all black gays emotional, flamboyant, fudge-packing thugs? do they go to prisons or purpose?
that's a bit of a generalisation wouldn't you say?
Where can I find a gay thug ?
How can I find a real black thug gay, I mean real thug with the gold teeth, saggin pants, real gee...
I'm a white gay guy who really into them, like plies but the ones i know are realllly homophobic, I think cause I like in a jamaican area, i want the mean tough thugs with the deep voices...
but all the gay "thugs" i pick up are too pretty and girlish with soft voices and smirkish looking gay faces...

all the sexxy tough mean dominant looking ones are angry straight men who are girl obsessed!
this is so annoying!
where can I find a real one? with out the gay looking face lol!!!

the straight thugs seem to have a dominant angry looking face (which turns me on)
the gay ones have pretty eyes and soft voices, weird smirks

Lmao a gay thug pop up came up on my friends computer at school. My teacher burst out laughin "how can you be gay and a thug"
Why are both masculine and feminine gay black men coming across so negative?
My experience(not being racist) is that masculine black men are in the closet and presenting themselves as thugs in public. The feminine black men are loud, ghetto, materialistic, two faced and belligerent. Not being racist, in fact, I'd like to date a black guy but not if he has any of the characteristics I mentioned above. Do you know any gay black men who are out of the closet yet laid back, humble and fun loving?
Do NOT generalize. I really like the point one of the answerers made about masculine white gays being superficial, arrogant jerks and feminine white gays being bitchy, gossipy attention whores. You'd be really mad if someone made that generalization about white gays, wouldn't you? So, if you can find an "out of the closet yet laid back, humble and fun loving" white gay male, then you best believe that there are black gay males like that too. In fact, I have my masculine attributes about me, but I am not a thug and I'm not in the closet. I also have some feminine tendencies about me but I am not two faced and loud. Ghetto? Only when I'm mad, otherwise, I'm a well-spoken, educated, humble black man with goals, dreams, ambitions and desires for nothing more than a loving, caring, smart partner with serious goals in life.
Why are gay black men almost always either homo thugs or queens?
I only ask this because (in Philadelphia) I always seem to find/meet/see the really effeminate black guy with the large sunglasses and a swish. Or the homo thug thats on the "DL" and just wants sex.

I'm in the middle. And I've never met a black guy thats just in the middle. I maybe wrong, but it seems like once black men find out their gay they either queen out about it or go on the down low and start having all kinds of sex.

Are there any guys that are in the middle. That have their feminine side but at the same time could fix a car, throw a football, or doing something else butch without going "giiiiiirrrrllll!"

<end rant sorry>
You just think that most Black gay guys are queens or thugs because you NOTICE them. You aren't going to notice Black gay guys who look and act just like straight guys, are you? so it's a misperception.
Perez Hilton is to gay people as Thugs are to Black people. Do you agree?
What I'm trying to say is that thugs who happen to be Black give Black people as a whole a bad name. People outside of the Black "community" think that "thug life" is Black "culture". Many Black people are generally upset with this and don't like to grouped into this stereotypical thought.

I'm not a big fan of Perez Hilton and I think he is generally making gay people look bad. I'm not gay but I was wondering if other Gay people felt the same way as I do about Perez Hilton. Of course, he is an individual with his own thoughts an opinions, but people outside the LGBT(?) community will assume that all people act the same was as Perez Hilton.
Actually its his ugly fat face that makes the community look bad.

And yes i agree with you. Every person is different but people tend to bunch us all together in some shape or form anyway.

Sorry man....he needed to get his @ss beat...anyone like that deserves it....The moment you start thinking you can say whatever you feel right to them is the moment you need to be slapped.
Black People who aren`t Thugs are Gay?
I don`t mean to offend anyone of any race but this tend to be True based on what i have experienced and If you pay attention to This none-educated low class people you will agree.

My mother is black which basically makes me black(accord to some people) and I grew in an area where 80% of the population have never heard or don`t have interest in people like 50 cent/Lil Wayne/All this Thug-like people. I wear well fitting clothes and i don`t sag my pants or wear Chains that give me wiplash.

When I go to places where it`s mostly black people who have this mentality of rappers/thugs/low class(nothing to do with being poor but their attitude) They tend to CALL ME GAY BECAUSE OF my dress code or the music i listen to.
People have called Ne-Yo and Kanye west gay because they grew up to wear something that fits them not pants that can be worn by people who wear diapers

Obama is not a thug and not gay. There goes your theory out the window.
Gay black men masculinity?
i have a question why does it appear that most gay black men portrayed in the media and on the street are very effeminate and all that thug porn out there is just gay guys acting tough that it just turns me off can anyone show black gay man who ACTS LIKE A TRUE THUG or more masculine
First: be careful about using the word "acting." Some men are naturally more act.
Second: remember most of the news media is driven by profits -- they want to get people to look at their station or publication. Putting main-stream people on the cover does not sell issues. They need the unique person.
Also: with the left/right leanings of these media, they want to disgrace and dishonor us, the Gay population. Showing the weird gives them a sense of righteousness.

What would be better is if all of us, them & us, stopped judging people by how they appear let everyone alone. We don't bother showing boys with long hair any more, or girls in army boots.

What ever someone's gender identity is, and how they express their personal space is their business. Who they invite into that space is their business. You have a choice to ignore what does not matter. What the ignorant "news" media shows you is up to you if you want to take notice.

I suggest you turn to non-biased news, such as NPR, your local Public radio and TV stations. (if you live in Utah then your cause is lost: sorry.) Many stations are also available on line. You folks in Utah can get unbiased news through your computers.

Do you remember "Will and Grace." Yea, a straight guy had the lead roll - playing a gay part. He vacillated between a pretty strong male personality and some what nelly. Then there was the character "Jack." Both white, I remind you.
Why are so many black people gay?
yes, every race has gays. but there are definitely more gay blacks than anyone else. hell of a transition you people are making. from hardcore super thugs to fairies in skinny jeans and too much jewelry...
Due to your distorted view..
I'm gay the reason I wish I was born female is so I can date straight black guys not the thugs though!?
I'm a gay male I'm black and I'm attracted to straight black males not the ones that are thuggish I hate them,I mean the ones that are strong guyish and cute or sexy doesnt matter,I really dont actually want to be female since I would have wanted to be bron ad grow up as a girl and had a "girlhood" but that can never be changed but how ca I get a straight black guy
First, you need to come clean as to who you *really* are.

If you're gay, you need to accept that.

If you're transsexual you need to accept that.

My impression is you're a gay guy dealing with heavy duty shame issues. I would advise speaking to a sexologist or some other therapist about getting past that so you can come to some measure of self-acceptance.

Of course I could be wrong. If you are a female on the inside you should speak with a gender therapist:


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