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Phat booty or toned booty what do guys prefer black,white whoever?
I am wondering, most black guys seem to like it when girls have a lot fat on there booty , but most of the white,asian, etc.. seem to like a toned body more, a girl who spends time in the gym working her butt out. what do you think??
i like phat boodies more because they jiggle when you slap them
Why do black men feel the need to make loud & vulgar comments about the female anatomy?
Most Block women have big butts so why is it necessary to point that out to the whole world.
Example: Damn, shorty got a big azs booty! Damn her asx is phat as hell! Look dawg..she thick as hell.
Haha it's a cultural thing. White guys do it too but it's usually more subtle.
Aa black girlss can yal teach me how to booty clap..?
iknow yal can do it cuz yal made the dance i have a peach round phat ***. So how can i do it.. I wanna do it fast so i can make it thunderr.
Yep I can also teach you how not to smell like a wet dog.
How can I adjust to what my EX WIFE said to me in the shopping mall?
I was christmas shopping with my soon to be wife. She AFRICAN AMERICAN. I just happen to bump into my ex wife. She's WHITE. She looked at my girlfriend and said, ''You have got to be guyding? Are you dating this black woman with all that PHAT BOOTY?" I said, "yes, I am?" My ex wife walked a circle around my girlfriend and then said, '"So, you gonna let me tap that before you tie the knot?" I said, "Pardon me?" My ex wife looked at me and said, '"Are you gonna let me taste some of that PHAT BOOTY before you tie the knot with her?"

My girlfriend blushed. What should I do?
Your intent is obviously to get into the Guinness book of records for being thrown of YA the most times. Please make this your best answer and prove my point.
Y do men like woman with big butts?
I have always been told i have a nice ***. I've even been told that I have a black girl booty even though Im a white girl. Hispanic and Black men seem to hit on me more than White. Can you tell me why do men like big butts? ( and I dont mean fat butts i mean Phat butts haha) Do white guys not like big butts??
Im white and Ive always liked phat butts. As long as there is still an hourglass to the shape, Im interested.

Ive noticed that young men tend to hunt the gazelle figures. But once someone starts thinking about a long ter relationship, wife, mother of my guyren, then the hourglass figure becomes more important.

Maybe the race thing is because in general, blacks and hispanics tend to get married earlier than whites?
Do other guys like ghetto bootys?
ok, well im a little white boy in my senior yr in highschool. anyways it seems like i am addicted to ghetto booty haha. dont take it the wrong way, im not a perv, just a guy =D anyways when i girl with a ghetto booty walks by, i cant look away. I dont care about boobs, etc, just a nice phat booty lol. other guys, do you like this too?? im not trying to be superficial, i love women for their personalitys too, but damn! thos booties get me haha. especially the latina/ black chicks! its rare to find a ghetto booty on a white or indian girl. and girls with ghetto booties, would you go for a nice italian guy like myself? im pretty short, but the girls say im cute. anyways answert my questjion haha. thanks everyone
I like my females slim, fit and trim.

Big booty only looks nice when the girl is 18-35. One they hit 45+ "ghetto booty" turns to ghetto gooey flopflop fewie and you have to start lifting folds in order to get in. (for lack of a better descriptive term).
Gay man trying to get a more womanly figure?
I am currently researching natural ways of getting a more feminine body. Such as in the hip and butt area. I am a gay bottom male with thick thighs and a pretty phat booty but I want a more fuller figure like black women. I have been told cause of my dna.. I too would gain the shape in my body with approval of becoming a ts but in case the doctor doesn't approve. I would like to know if anyone may of other ways.

Thank you for hearing me out and any help would greatly help :)
OK you elaborated. First don't listen to this ignorant bigot above me. Second, the only sure proof way to get a thicker bottom is with HRT, but with this, your penis will shrivel up, and fail to work. Unfortunately, not much you can do. Medically you can get implants, but not really recommended.
You can try the dunkin donut diet, but again, this process is not approved by the FDA, and not recommended. :)
I saw a clip of a Kristal Marshall upskirt video on Youtube but has been taken off. Neone know where's it at?
Kristal Marshall upskirt booty butt phat wwe divas diva hot black
sounds hot, no idea where it is, if u find it send me a link
Why are only gays incapable of controlling thier insticts?
Im not gay but both girls and dudes make my wiener hard. Like when Im at the barber shop and a black guy are rubbing all over my head, or especially when Im in the locker room but I just control myself and keep my thoughts to myself because I know homosexuality is socially devient and not socially acceptable, its not particularly a difficult thing to do. Its no different when I see a girl phat booty in boy shorts. Im natually inclined to run up an feel on her butt, but I dont because it goes against the social norms of society. So why cant gay people control thier devient behavior like the rest of society. Why do they get a pass.
Why can't stupid people just be quiet?!
I'm going to a hip hop party, what should I wear?
I have Baby Phat jeans and a jacket I could wear but the jacket is like a snow jacket so if it's not cold I will look like an idiot. I also have Dickies in black and blue and some wife-beaters. I have Vans, heals, and black tall uggs or small chocolate uggs with a bow on the side (some people call them booties). Any ideas?
if you are going to dance, some vans with booty shorts and a graphic tees and knee high socks. but if you are going to be standing around, wear heels, tight skinny jeans, and a top that shows cleavage!!

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