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Why do women ,teen girls lack morals and values?
Have you seen how women and teen girls dress and the parents let them dress like that and most women lack morals and values i mean they think its ok to flash someone or get drunk or have multiple partners or take some personal pics or make a personal movie i wonder how the future will be
I know what you mean. But then again......the guys are lookin'. That doesn't make it right of course, just sayin' it goes both ways.
Maybe SO

Im obligated to say yes, otherwise I lose my Beerpong title.

18, 19, yeahh that's fine. But I know girls that are 13 and 14 who get wasted every weekend. It's disgusting.
Im a teen suffering from post traumatic stress disorder any help?
Well here's my story I have a very dramatic past such as guy abuse,physical and mental by my dad watching my mom,brother.sister,and myself get abused when I was 4 and under then my dad was finally put in jail for guy molestation of my oldest sister who was his step daughter its been a long tough road living without a father...on october 14th 2010 my birthday I smoked weed and I had a panic attack I was at the park with a bunch of friends on my birthday we all went across the street to the park and smoked this was my 3rd time smoking my first time smoking was october 8th I smoked the next day on october 9th on october 14th this is when it all started I took about 3 strong hits at one point I swallowed some of the weed and my throat started burning but I ignores it and drunk some juice too make it stop then my eyes started blinking really fast and everything was just flashing my friend offered me some chips and I reached for them but I could not grab them some things were closer than they appeared in my vision I was really super high then I thought about my brother and his illness and I freaked out I got really scared and just put my head down it felt like I was going through a wave tunnel my head was just rushing I was blinking so fast that I could not function I started shaking then I told my friends something wasn't right and I kept thinking about my brother and I just started screaming and telling them to call my mom or the police everything was going really fast and felt like I was in some kinda movie I went and sat on my friends lap,they gave me water my bestfriend grabbed my hand and started rubbing until I felt better and they told me to calm down and I just closed my eyes till my vision came back clear then I told them I was back like my mind went on a trip or something then I just sat back down and tryed to chill then like 2 minutes later it happened again and I told them I needed to go home my eyes started blinking really fast and my focus was off and I freaked out again I started screaming and then I lost control of myself I was delusional I started screaming "im dying guys im dying call my mom call my mom you guys think im playing please call my mom!" they tryed to call her but she didn't answer and I started screaming more I started jumping up and down I was so scared then I just layed down and felt myself sat up but the thing was I wasn't sitting up I was leaned over about to throw up I didn't realize it till one of my friends said "she's about to throw up" I realized I was super detached,out of it or having a out of body experience it felt as if I was possessed then I finally connected back to myself and felt myself about to throw up I could finally feel it come up out of my stomach and through my mouth and felt it come out but nothing actually came out it was a hallucination I got up and screamed cause I was so horrified it felt like something or somebody was inside me it scared the **** out of me then I screamed I was dying again and then I fell it felt like I was in space then I started doing and saying things I didn't wanna say or it wasn't me saying it I started praying cause I thought I was dying then I said im dying im dying started praying I said im dead im dead then I said I died I died then I just layed there and I remember thinking to myself maybe this is what It feels like to be dead and it just felt like I was going through stages , it felt like I was falling but then I got up like I was reborn or something and said im back im back and I just felt like a robot I stood up and said okay guys like I was high and mighty and my bestfriend tryed to grab me and I said no and started marching down then my friends grabbed be and I fainted for about a half a minute then they put me on my feet and I immediately switched back to my right mind and started walking home I still felt like I was in this tunnel I couldn't even walk straight and it was hot my thoughts were racing of what could be wrong with me when I got home I drank a lot of water and just layed down for hours but didn't go to sleep I felt like I was in the clouds I was delusional I didn't know what to do it took me some hours to get fully back into the swing of everything since then I've had insomnia and fear that this could all happen again , my brother has been diagnosed as being scitzo-affective & having a bi-polar disorder and his episodes were crazy,I've went back to homeschool its been a month since this has all happened I walk around the house with a stuffed animal,I write in a journal, I also have internal flashback like the whole throw up thing thinking its gonna happen again I've lost weight,im so attached to my mom,she's getting me back into therapy,I've been seeing my school counselour and psychologist,I get really depressed,sometimes really angry at myself for smoking weed, my counselour also thinks the weed was laced with pcd,im
TMI EVERYTHING IS A LIE GOD. well if ur weed was laced with pcd i had weed laced with pcd once it was horrible ... i took art courses and survived it...
** Teen Girl Survey**?
What is your middle name?
Have you ever flashed somebody?
What color are your eyes?
What color is your hair?
Do you wear make up?
Favorite Girly Movie?
Do you prefer sensitive or tough guys?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Have you ever kissed two people in one night?
Do you worry about the size of your boobs?
Do you consider making out "unladylike"?
Single taken or its complicated?
true love or being a millionaire?
What is your sign?
Do you go tanning?
What is your steroyype?
What is your favorite part of your body?
Do you eat healthy and work out?
Do you pluck or wax your eyebrows?
Have you ever been drunk?
Have you ever had sex?
How old are you?
Do you like this survey?
What is your middle name? Paiton
Have you ever flashed somebody? No.. lol
What color are your eyes? Green-blue
What color is your hair? Brown
Do you wear make up? Yepp
Favorite Girly Movie? Mean Girls xD
Do you prefer sensitive or tough guys? Sensitive <3
What do you want to be when you grow up? Journalist
Have you ever kissed two people in one night? No, I've never kissed anyone.
Do you worry about the size of your boobs? Nah, I like my boobs.
Do you consider making out "unladylike"? No.
Single taken or its complicated? Single ._.
true love or being a millionaire? True love <33
What is your sign? Cancer
Do you go tanning? Nope, I'm as white as a sheet.
What is your steroyype? Nerd
What is your favorite part of your body? My lips... I think they're a pretty shape and color :D
Do you eat healthy and work out? Eat healthy? Yes! Work out? No.. lol
Do you pluck or wax your eyebrows? Pluck
Have you ever been drunk? No
Have you ever had sex? No
How old are you? 14
Do you like this survey? Sure! :D
Was this teen party out of control or just normal and fun?
about 14 people, 3 freshman, 10 sophmores, 1 junior.

At 10.30 we we're all in the hot tub [light off] and we were playing truth or dare. the worst that happened was a dare for a kiss (between a freshman and the junior) and for one of the sophmores to flash a guy.
A dare that didn't end up happening was for the junior to feel up one of the sopmores (for 5 seconds)

My friends and I left (4 people) right as it was getting worse. there was no drinking, no drugs.
normal or bad?
nahh thats nothing completly normal
Was this teen party really mellow, just normal, or out of control?
about 12 people, 3 freshman, 8 sophmores, 1 junior.

At 10.30 we we're all in the hot tub [light off] and we were playing truth or dare. the worst that happened was a dare for a kiss (between a freshman and the junior) and for one of the sophmores to flash a guy.
A dare that didn't end up happening was for the junior to feel up one of the sopmores (for 5 seconds)

My friends and I left (4 people) right as it was getting worse. there was no drinking, no drugs.
normal or bad?

I only left because my dad came to pick a few of us up.
I would have stayed much longer (lol)
Typical teenage party. Those were the good old days.
Consequence when a teen see's Mom snorting drugs?
What are the effects on a teenager when she see's her Mom snorting a crushed pill? I was in my bathroom and saw me snort up a crushed anti-anxiety pill.I didn't know she was there and she didn't say anything until I got home. I asked what was wrong She started to sob and said I saw you do crack or cocaine. My daughter is 17, an excellent student and preparing for University next year. I have said please don't do drugs all her life and she hasn't. She has only seen me drink a few time. Which is totally by choice. She has always thought of me as a straight great Mom. In a flash her trust has changed forever. What should I do?
...you could try not snorting pills.
Drinking age and restrictions and all them bloody nonsence questions at the shops (UK)?
Whats all this "prove your age if you look under 25" i mean isn't this a bit stupid. When I go out shopping or for a night out on the town I really don't fancy taking out a driving licence or passport or flashing such items in a shop or bar. I mean I remember i used to go weekly shopping and pick up a packet of cigarettes or bottle of wine but now i get the full " air port check" but instead of " did you pack this bag yourself sir" I get the " have u got any id sir". This pathetic new length to stop people under 18 getting hold of alcohol is totally ridiculous, is it really going to stop guys wanting a drink when " Cindy " at check out wines in the most irritating voice " got any id". I mean doesn't it just beg the logic of people just getting other people getting the booze and cigarettes for them, I am sure buying the stuff them self's is allot more safe than getting the towns " Dodgy Dave" to pick them up stuff. All these age restriction things have always bothered me, I went into full time work at 16 and I had my own responsibility's but I couldn't drink what is with that. I remember when I was a guy and I couldn't get alcohol easily so me and my friends used to save up loads of money and for like a once a month event we got 1 booze trip done and went mad on drinking in a park, i mean that isn't safe is it but the way the governments going were gonna have more people 16/17 rolling around drunk in parks and if they manage to get the drinking age up to 21 we will have 18,19 and 20 year olds waiting outside shops harassing people going in to buy them booze. I mean this whole age thing in this country is giving a very odd message to younger people, oh its fine to go out have sex, move out, join the army, get married, go into full time employment but no drinking. People wonder why there are so many teen pregnancy's, my guess is that sex is probably they only fun thing they can do without getting harassed by police, and its true. Most guys around my area will probably just get their drug dealers to go into the shop for a few bottles of vodka while their picking up their weed lol Why cant we give guys more responcibilitys over their lifes and maby they wont mess up as bad. The buying age of alchohol has been 18 for about 40 to 50 years I think, and I think the way that law was inforced was fine but now they are making it such a forbidden fruit its making itself more glamorous. I think alchohol should have the same kind of inforcement as smoking, you can smoke anywhere ( as long as its not in a public inclosed area) at any age but need to be a certain age to buy them and not get hinderd by the law. I think if some one is drinking and acting like a prat and being disorderly they should be delt with the law but if anyone is drinking and being perfectly social they should be left well alone, maby we can stop this fasination with alchohol with the guys and make it more of a normal all available thing like a soft drink and they wont see it as such a big thing. Its life coffee its readly available but you dont see all the guys geting their older friends to buy them a tub of nescafe and a portable kettle with a few mugs and take it up to the woods, and belive me if cafine had an age restriction there would be 100s of guys drinking it just for the sake of it being forbidden. What are you views people?
It is a sign of the times we live in. It is the same for everything, if it classed as forbidden, you want it.

There are too many rules and regulations and if the government spent less money on stupid restrictions (let the people decide for themselves) and more money on NHS and guy cruelty then everyone would be happier.

Let the drug addicts overdose, let the smokers get lung cancer, let the obese die of heart problems, it is their life and if everyone stopped telling them they have to stop it they just might use their common sense and stop. It is their lives and their families lives they are ruining and one day it just might sink in.

The excitement would go if you could buy drugs over the counter with no questions asked and they would become bored with it as when things are done secretly they think they are big men and are getting one over somebody else.

If they made chocolate a forbidden treat then everyone would be going behind buildings selling chocolate.
Why not legalize weed and put an age restriction on it?
I think that cannibus should me legalized, however, it should have a age resriction. This seems completely logical to me. One, it would save the government billions of dollars in prosecution. Two, it could give people who are about to turn 21 something else to experience. And i know somebody is going to say, "if they legalized cannibus then age guys will use it like alcohol". News flash, guys drink alcohol all of the time, guys will always experiment. If every american teen got taken into custody for smoking and/or drinking, there would be about 500 people in this wonderful country of ours, Home of the free indeed. I don't smoke that much, it just seems like theres not that much wrong with cannibus that isn't already expressed in a legal drug alcohol, so why not legalize? Who thinks that cannibus should be legalized with an age restricion? SMOKE RESPONSIBLY
You just disproved your own point. Underage guys will still smoke it anyways.
And we can all agree that the "Drink Responsibly" advice is being closely followed?
Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus?
This was my answer: Neither. I prefer people who are original, and not sell outs. People with true, original talent. People who didn't just get into the industry because their dad is a crappy country musician, or because they know how to talk like a robot and act like a 10 year old.

People who don't look all the same: Perfect hair, perfect skin, too much makeup, too skinny, no boobs.

Ick. They're even worse then the spice girls. Everything on disney channel is.

Why do people even think they are good role models? Because they never cuss on camera, like NORMAL teens. (You know they do when the camera isn't on them, right?) Because they don't smoke, or drink. Lots of teens don't smoke or drink. Nobody is idolizing them, just because they're not pretty enough, or they dont have camera's following them around PRAISING them for not drinking or smoking.

And the haters are just as bad. The whole miley cyrus "Picture scandal." ridiculous. She's 16, for christs sake! Give the guy a break! They're just pictures. They're not even naked, or topless. It's just her showing her stomach, and flashing her bra. OMG, call the police! Most girls her age aren't even virgins, so it's stupid that everyone freaks out about seeing her belly button.

So everyone get a life, and go listen to some Modest Mouse or something. Anything GOOD.

Who agrees?
Neither.WE shouldn't obsess over people we don't know or just met at a meet and greet.

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