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Gay boyfriend spanking?
i am gay and think about sex with him but all he does is spanking this spanking that it gets anoying what do you think i should do? no homophobes please
give him a bj
How many couples(married, commited, gay etc) use the spenser spanking plan in their relationships?
To improve their behavior towards each other in the relationship(using corporal punishment)
We tried it. It was helpful as a tool for resolving conflict and opening up communication. After about six months we concluded that the Spencer plan was not for us. The problem was that I was too strict with my husband, probably an orientation from my teaching career, and he was not strict enough with me. We ended up going to a CDD relationship where I am the only one spanked.
Are there any couples(married, commited, gay,etc)that practice the spenser spanking plan that admit to it?
The plan involves each partner agreeing to submit to corporal punishment as a way of curing bad habits in the relationship, have a better relationship overall, etc.
Spiritually spanking, if you were an alien, would you go gay for Bailey? From a spiritual perspective?
Looking for advice on gay S/M (spanking)?
We are a married gay couple of 10 years and have just sparked interest in S/M (spanking). We are 34 and 35 yrs old. The 34 yr old is the master and the 35 yr old is the slave, we haven't been going at this for that long (3 wks) and could use some good advice for both master and slave.
First off the slave must be naked the master wears whatever he likes. The slave kneels before the master and asks to serve. The slave may be ordered to do anything from the dishes and the laundry or to performing oral sex or masturbation. Possible accessories would include collar, leash, *********, chastity device.
BDSM and Gay sexual spanking?
How many like this? Who likes to get spanked and how? Who likes to spank and how does this relate to the sex then?
Hell no lol... I love handcuffs lol, nothing physical though
PARENTS: was I wrong for spanking my GAY neighbor's teenage son?
I was baby sitting a local gay couple's 13 year old son, and he kept trying to sneak into my basement. I did not want him in the basement, so I told him not to go up there. He would not listen to me, so I had to pull his pants down and put him over my knee and spank him!
His parents are super mad at me right now, but I needed him to stop because the stairs to the basement are super dangerous, and he could have hurt himself in MY house (which could have resulted in a law suit).
The parents are telling everyone on the block that I am a pervert, and are threatening to sue me for sexual harassment. What should I do?
Perv. For a made up story, that's pretty disturbing.
Can seeing or getting a certain spanking be the reason your gay?
I am happy gay 20 year old woman. One memory that I have of guyhood is of watching my step day spank my step sister who was the same age as me. My Mom used to just whack me with the belt a few times while my step sister Jamie got it much different. I found it "sexual" even at a young age to see her over her Fathers lap with her dress raised for a drawn out spanking on her white panties. I am courious if this gay gals or men link anything to spankings done in this manner??
No not at all. People are born gay, plain and simple!
There is no turning gay, it's either you are or are not.
Nowadays, it's the thing to do for girls to be bi, and it's irritating, because it's not somethin' just for attention. They seem to think it's just cool to be that way, because they know guys get turned on by it.
Gay men and young gays do you ever have fantasies about spanking a crush or secret crush or have already!!!?
oh and by the way i have be very naughtyAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
LOL no but i have fantasy about massaging a guys butt.
oh but if you need a spanking, you can lay on my lap =)
Does wanting to be spanked by a woman and man make me gay?
I am a heterosexual 23 year old man, and I like to be spanked by women. I am only attracted to women.

But I have a domestic discipline fantasy, and want a man to spank me too. My idea was to find a married couple who was into this and spend time with them and engage in roleplay.

Does that make me gay?
who cares?

stop obsessing on labels

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