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All Comments

Where is the link for the Digger gay truck driver stories from the UK?
I once found a web site with stories/memories of DIGGER a British gay truck driver and his adventures - can anyone give me the link?
Why are there so many gay/bisexual/straight truck drivers who seem to be doing homosexual activities?
I'm not about to say theres anything wrong with this so long as its safe but is it the same as prisoners and sailors turning towards each other? Is there any form of support for the wives, how should we view this case and see it as just being a case of men having seven times more testosterone than women so they are always more horny.

Being a gay lad myself, I often wonder would i be better off at a truckers cafe rather than a gay bar?


btw truckers you do a great job respect to you all.
I'm not sure how you know about the sex lives of truck drivers, especially if you never have sex with them. I'm sure some get lonely on the road. Some might just be 100% gay and unattached. Maybe some just want to watch the same movie and you just think you know what happens behind closed doors. Get out there and try the truck stop if you want to find out. Just use half a brain so you don't get killed.
Why are gay men never in occupations like builders, doctors and truck drivers?
I know that this sounds random, but you never see gay men in jobs like the three mentioned.
I have to disagree as well! I know a couple of gay doctors, I was in a 3 year relationship with a guy who managed construction sites, and one of my best friends is a truck driver!
Gay or bisexual truck drivers?
How difficult is it to meet guys on the road ?
As a 16 year veteran in the industry, 12 of them over the road, let me amend the question:

How difficult is it to meet ANY ONE?

There are a lot of gay truck drivers out there, no question about it. There are a lot of homophobic nut cases out there too.

Remember that over the road (OTR) driving means DRIVING. You typically run until you're out of hours for the day, stop, get your ten hour rest, then run some more the next day. Most of your "spare" time is either at a shipper or consignee, waiting for some dolt on a forklift to get around to putting something on the truck, or take it off. Not a lot of dating opportunities there.

Truck stops offer a chance for some interesting conversations with your fellow drivers: assuming you really wanted to talk to a reefer driver at 2 am over dinner and hear the same conversation he had on the CB for the last 18 hours:

"So then I took a load of tomaters down to Florida, then from there I took some oranges up to Boston, and ..."

There's a reason I pulled the CB out of the truck years ago. I'm convinced at this point that there is a special "southern accent" filter built into CB's similar to a connex board (reverb effect). Also the fact that Mr. Reefer seems to babble on his CB from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed each day and doesn't stop the entire day. Makes life interesting as you try to tell the passing Swift truck that he doesn't have any lights because the pigtail's hanging on the catwalk since he left Hoboken six days ago.

I think you'll meet a lot more guys on your days off than you will OTR. Plus do you really want to meet Mr. Sexy Voice on the radio only to find out he's 600 lbs, chain smoke Marlboros with a 72 pack a day habit, and hasn't taken a shower in a week? Ewww.

As far as being gay and in the industry: I was a trainer at one of the biggest flatbed carriers for 12 years, and it was pretty homophobic. I had a lot of problems with students going nuts when they found out I wasn't married - let alone gay, which I didn't disclose until shortly before resigning. One of the the training supervisors thought it would be "funny" to put an openly gay student with a homophobic trainer - and it took five people to pull the trainer off the poor student on the front steps of the training office as he tried to kill the student. Lots of laughs there as everyone was quite visibly shaken, the supervisor being one of the people who had to pull the trainer off the student. Definitely a "moment with management" discussion after that with everyone involved.

My local carrier today is a totally different story. I'm completely out to the drivers and management, and it's just a joy to work here. Very, very supportive.

So my best advice is, go OTR for a year, get your experience, then find a local carrier and get a real life on your own time. I truly loved life OTR, but now that it's over, I don't think there's much of anything you could do to convince me to go and live in a tin can on wheels 24/7 again.

Take care. There's a gay life out there OTR, but be careful.
If the truck is pink and has those novelty "balls" that are on the back. Then you have yourself a winner.
Why do people say all women truck drivers are like men,or they are stupid, and say they are ugly,or gay?
I started driving when i was 25, and have been to every state, except hawaii/alaska. I am 5'9 130lbs and have never been called ugly before,.... I think that these days more and more very pretty women are finding that they can drive a truck that a man can do as well! I was second in my class of 120 men, and there were 5 other women in the class. every man there said i wouldn't last a day, and it was funny when i got a better score on the written and driving test than every man there except one! and he was there for his second time(he failed the first road test). I even drove on the street my first test drive and did not grind one gear, and the trainer got out and shook my hand and said he has never had a student shift like that ever! Man or woman! I know that some will say that i did good only because of how i look, but it is not true,i am not stupid. why is it so hard for women to get credit for a good job without being called a wanna be man?
In a word: ignorance. Truck driving is a great option for women and many of us do it, along with lots of other traditionally "male" jobs. Sadly, male egos are so fragile that many of them find a need to make bad jokes or say stupid things to cover up their own inadequacies and insecurities. Some women, who are intimidated by independence and conditioned to be submissive, join them in their verbal abuse. But do not let it effect you. Remember the source and just be glad that you are a more mature, intelligent and creative person. A keep on truckin!
How to find out if too pick up truck drivers?
is it true about the purple light on the back of trucks mean that the driver is gay????
Absolutely. You are suppose to knock twice on the door really fast, pause, than knock three times fast.
Seeking friendship with truck drivers,how do I find any on here?
I'm not gay or a homo,I'm seeking friendship with truck drivers on here.People are just mean.I'm not a lot lizzard type. I'm only seeking friendship with drivers to possibly team up with the right one by August.I have 4yrs.experience of driving,I have nothing on my mvr,nothing to go against me getting hired on with a company on my dac.I'm easy to get along with.I don't want negative answers on here, please.Thank you
What's wrong with being gay?

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