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I am a younger gay boy and i am trying to see if there are any more young gay boys in portland?
hi i am a young gay boy in portland i some times i think that i am the only one so i am trying to see if there are any more yonger gay boys in portland like me?

i do not think there is any thing wrong asking this right?
Portland Oregon or Maine?

Man I really miss Portland, Oregon. It's where I was originally from, and now I'm stuck in bloody Texas which I hate (though I'm in the liberal area, so it's not too bad aside from the PMSing weather).

Portland's a pretty liberal place so there's a very very very good chance the answer is yes.
Portland, Maine, should be too.
Why are so many of our young gay BOYS killing themselves, but not lesbians? Do lesbians cope better?
We are hearing so many horror stories in the news of our gay youth killing themselves recently...


Have you noticed all the accounts are only gay MEN killing themselves?!

Why is this?

Do lesbians have better coping mechanisms? Do lesbians not get discriminated as much as gay guys?

We need to open dialogue between the lesbians community and gay guy community! Why are our boys ending their lives but lesbians are flourishing?!
its a double standard, girls arent really teased and bullied for being lesbians, if anything theyre seen as cool. its a mad world.
Movie cant remember the title about young boys discovering they are gay?
Its set in the country a new family moves next door. They have a son and the family next door has a son. One of the boys is very farmish works with his hands and stuff drives the bus for the school and his next door neighbor hops on. The other boy is very shy he dad is abusive to him from what i gather the father molested the son. He seeks refuge with his next door neighbor they become close and fool around. In the end the boys and some other boys go on a camping trip. In the end the shy gay boy dies and the other boys is deeply upset.
lol its called Dreamboy watched it the other night :P
I want to ask young American gay boys.Who can solve my questions?
I want to ask young American gay boys.I am a Taiwanese guy. I saw many white guys associating Taiwanese girls.There are so many white men getting married to Asia girls for example like Taiwan and China.young American gay boys do you like Asia guys for example Taiwan,China or Japan?Is it possible for you to fall in love with Asian gay guys?Are you interested in Asian gay guys?
Hi Kevin, I'm not a young gay guy and I'm not American either. I'm 58 but I love Asians and I've been in a steady relationship with Malaysian guy for 17 years. He's 21 years younger than me and he's wonderful. He keeps me young. In the past I've had relationships with Filipino gay guys. I know Americans who have Asian boyfriends and love them very much.
Are men who say that skinny girls look like young boys subconsciously gay?
I think skinny girls look like young girls, not boys.
Not always,most of them just need an eye test
A gay music video from ice land about two Young Gay Boys Come Out?
i am looking for a gay music video from ice land about two Young Gay Boys Come Out i know the band starts with a s
It's from the band Sigur Rós . The song is "Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása" from the album "ágætis byrjun".

Beautiful video, wonderful album. A band sent from the heavens! I hope this spurs your interest in them. They are incredible!
Does this immoral society encourage young boys to be gay or bisexual?
Men are taught to embrace 'their feminine side'..
That it is cool to be gay.
In schools they don't say homosexuality is wrong.
That is what is going on in our schools, the "gay" agenda is being "shoved" down our throats and anyone who raises a voice over it is labeled a Bigot, that in of itself is a Double Standard Hypocrisy.
And anyone who is a Christian now in Schools are criticized and tormented, My daughter is going through this, because she is a Christian and will not "conform" she is labeled a tease and a whore and many other names because she won't "give it up" and have sex all day with everyone.

I get so tired of people wanting and pressuring her to give it up and join the ranks of the STD infected people and the Teen Pregnant people and all that, and she gets harassed over it, this is sick

Check this story out………
Should single gay men be able to become Scout masters and take your young boys camping?
Why would single gay men want to hang around with young boys?
So they could do thier hair, and stuff. You know the usual gay people do.
Do you think if young boys watch horror movies involving evil women, it will make them gay?
I am a guy but I am attracted to other guys.

When I was a young boy, I remember watching movies where the antagonist is a woman who is evil (ie, an evil witch etc).

For example, movies like : The Witches (from Roald Dahl's book) who turn young guyren into mice, Neverending Story (there is a wizardess in the movie), and Species (starring Natasha Henstridge as an evil, sex-crazed woman).

Do you think by exposing young boys to such films it would make them gay?
No. the reason why women are portrayed as evil in guys stories and movies is to teach young boys what to expect from women when they grow up.

©, gay young boys