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Interracial dating?
I just want to know what people think of interracial dating now since time has progressed and it isn't looked down upon as much. For white men, would you ever date a black woman?
I think it doesn't really matter... before we being black, white. asian, mixed, or whatever, we're human beings... so, why should you care?
Interracial Dating??????????????
My parents are against interracial dating and rather i date inside my own race. What are your thoughts on interracial dating?
im a white female and my boyfriend is Filipino. im all for interracial dating. in my opinion it doesnt matter what race someone is, if they fall in love with someone other then what race they are they should still date them if they want to. my boyfriend is the love of my life and i cant imagine life without him. i think interracial dating is a beautiful thing and should be more widely accepted.
Interracial dating?
when you see a white female holding hands with a nonwhite male in the mall or park, do you ever wonder if she made a mistake? or look at them funny?
i'm nonwhite, and am dating a white person. and we go to malls a lot and the park and social places. just curious what people are thinking when they see an interracial couple.
If the two of you like each other than it does not matter what color your skin is. God made us all and the only thing you need to do is treat each other with respect.
What are your views on interracial dating ?
I have absolutely no problem with it.

I'm a white guy and my wife is Asian. We've been married for 10 years and they've been the best 10 years of my life.
Interracial Dating?
How many of you are into interracial dating? Why or why not? How important is the race of the person to you? What's your race and what races are you into dating or attracted to? What about dating someone from anther culture or linguistic background.

PS: I know there are a lot racist people out there. I also know that race is not important to some and everything to others. Some people don't see the idea of race as having any validity. Whatever your view, I am only curious about sincere answers.
Intercultural dating is a challenge, whether race is involved, or just ethnicity, religeon, or even education level! Let's face it: It is easiest to bond with someone with like experiences and backgrounds. For those adventurous enough to enjoy the difference and the challenge, it might be cool!
How does interracial dating not make you racist?
I think it is one of most annoying and sensitive topics. I do not see how who you date proves you are not racist. I know plenty of white girls who date black men that hate black women. I knew white and mexican interracial couple that hated black people. No offensee interracial dating is one those things people do to prove their not NARROW-MINDED. It's interesting plenty of people claim to be colorblind because they interracially date yet most of them would not date a particular race.
yeah I see what you mean. you see lots of people saying "I'm not racist! look at my (whatever race) bf/gf!", but yet they bash that race when their significant other isn't around. it's sad, but you do have people like that. I'm personally not and never was a racist. racism is wrong
How is interracial dating with Indian men in your area?
Of course what I hear all the time from my friends is that it is uncommon to see Indian people date or marry outside of their own race because of customs and because they will be disowned if they do. I also hear that most areas in the US don't have a lot of Indian men, maybe one or two, only the bigger cities have Indian people in them. Anyways I was wondering, how is interracial dating with Indian men in your area?

Do they date outside their own race and if they do what type of women do they go with? Black? White? Hispanic? Asian?
if you mean indian from india, then rarely but its usually cultural issue, indian people don't hang out with white guys, i mean i only know like two cool indians at my school, and they rarely ever hang out with me and my Friend's so go figure why they don't' meet white girls. If you want a white girl, be nice cool and go out and meet them don't just hang out with all the other indian guys. its not like we are mean or anything either they just never come out with us. i do know one hot indian girl that dates a white guy but that's the only one i have seen. also seriously work on your Hygiene because i don't mean to be mean but indian guys smell awful
What is interracial dating really like in the South?
Most of my thoughts and views about the Southern USA were pretty much negative.

As being a black Californian, I'll never have to worry getting looks. I can imagine what it would be like if I interracially dated outside of LA County.

What is interracial dating really like in the South, the Northeast, and the Midwest?
It isn't so bad. I live in a large city of Houston. So it is all kinds of people living around here.....
Yes me , my HUbby and guyren get looks..BUt to be honest The verbal abuse and such is usually from other black women and they want to say.."That's whats wrong with these Ni$$#@'s these days. They all be getting with the white women."
Now most of my family is cool with it.
My Dads new wife hates it and my hubby are not allowed in her house! They live in a small podunk redneck town(where I grew up) bout 2 hour outside of Houston..What is weird my Dad is not really this way but he is letting his new wife influence him..That is a shame to let others dictate and change how you are suppose to think!
How do you feel about interracial dating?
I feel like people look down on me for dating outside my race. When my boyfriend and I are in public together I sometimes feel like people stare at us because we are different. I may just be paranoid but I really do think interracial dating is looked down on in the south (which is where I live). I would like to know what people really think about interracial couples.
The great thing is that it doesn't matter how I feel about it. Choosing the person (or people) you love is one of the great privileges of adulthood! I am completely, utterly and passionately PRO interracial dating/marriage. In this day and age, it should really be a non-issue. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of quacks out there who want to manage the dating/marriage choices of other adult human beings (as if they're somehow more qualified), but choosing the person YOU love is YOUR right and YOUR RIGHT ALONE.
What is interracial dating like in other countries?
I'm specifically asking what interracial dating is like for American men if they seek a mate outside their race from another country. Now I know that IRR isn't acceptable is predominantly white countries such as Europe since most are stuck up worldwide. American women are losing it!
Better than it is in America.

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