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All Comments

Do men like their wives to be naughty ...?
...or nice ;0)

If you have a naughty wife, how is she naughty?
No.......she never puts the cap back on the toothpaste !
Wives - naughty nurse?
Wives, do you enjoy being a naughty nurse in the bedroom? What about naughty school nurse? Thanks, you guys rock!
good question .... TROLL.....

how about asking a question that really matters?????
Does Asian American wives love their husbands to spank when they are bratty or naughty?
Please dont consider it spousal abuse...and tell me your good real spanking stories...and dont think Im wierdo or out of my mind...!
I don't know about Asian, but that is exactly what I get and it
corrects my bratty behavior. A good spanking can do a world
of good for a girl. And it also happens to be fun.
How do you turn a wife into a wild and naughty betty crocker?
Just curious. But it would be great to have betty crocker during and a wild naughty wife when time is right, morning, day or night.
Send her to my house for a week...she can observe.
Do husbands really like their wives to do naughty dances for them?
I have always wanted to do that, but I am afraid he will laugh, or I wont be sexy enough. Anyone have tips? I would love to hear some see how it turned out! Disasterous or Great!
GO,Go,Go girl you can pull it off O yes u can don't be afraid to be a freak it's there inside of you let it OUT your husband will love it,our men like us 2b a lady when where out, O but how they love a freak in the bed,that's one of the way's how we keep our men happy and in love and at home !! Always give him something NEW, even when you dance for him never do the same dance always a new one and always make it have to feel the power of the dance, he is your fantasy you can't keep your hands off yourself and O boy they really love that. And that's called teasing at this point your dancing should have you hot also and that's called the power of the dance,by revealing this part of you to him you have to keep it up bc he's going to need more from time to time and all you need to do is practice and U2 will become better at this ,most definitely I could tell you more but I need to keep it to myself and my fantasy ,have fun and Good Luck
What naughty punishment should i suggest my wife for me?
My wife some times asks me in a naughty tone "what should be ur penalty" ... if i forget something or am responsible for some carelessness. So at times i want to suggest her "my punishment" which is little sexy but i don’t want that to be disrespectful.
Well just tell her she needs to reach that special spot deep inside you. She'll know.
Men: Are your wives kinky/naughty enough in the bedroom, or do you not require that?
Is your wife not only reserved in normal day dealings, but also in the bedroom. If so, that has to suck a bit, does it not?

Ladies, do you think your husband secretly wishes you'd do more/say more in the bedroom, or do you have that taken care of?
My wife is both very conservative in the public eye and in the bedroom. She will push "some" bounderies when in the bedroom but not enought to say that we are truly "naughty" and that can be a bit frustrating. I am a very spontaneous person when it comes to sex and will honestly be open to many different forms in many different places. I have tried explaining that to my wife but she is still very scared and will not attempt many of the things I am dying to try. I find myself looking in other directions because our love making has begun to get so boring. i feel bad for saying that but I am.
Is it difficult to hide naughty pics from wife and guys?
I have pictures of my past lovers on a SD card, some of them naked and others posing inappropriately, how do you keep it from your wife/gf and guys? I love my wife, but I want to keep my "fond memories". I don't want to give it up :(

Would most women let me keep them if they do see them by accident. It's just human flesh, a woman's body. You can love your wife, but like to look at beautifulness of a female's body.....think of it as "art".

personally, if i found a couple pictures of my painter's ex gf i would freak out. i don't think its right to have to look at pictures of an old lover, it would make her feel and wonder if you are still thinking about her. and why are you looking at her, am i not good enough? and that's not something you should ever have to let your wife/gf go thorough, assuming you have guys. your sex life may be a bit boring. but that doesn't mean you should think about the"good times" you want the good times to be with the person your with now.

putting everything aside. maybe your wife is the kind of woman who doesn't mind-most women do care if your looking at another.-
if the pictures are nude. maybe you should remember them in your mind. or talk to her about it. but if the pictures are of her standing and smiling. at the same time think about how it would make you feel if your partner kept pictures of the mes she has been with and still likes to look at them.
think of how you would feel. imagine her sitting alone in a room, and she pulls out a box of nudes of her and her old ex. do you feel angry? confused? or do you not care.

put it in that perspective, maybe you should talk to her too. secrets are nice, but its more fun if you can both look at the pictures ;)
Do Christian wives ever have affairs and cheat on their husband, are they naughty naughty sinners?
My wife is a Catholic. Probably wouldn't cheat on me. If she did, naughty naughty sinner.
Of course Christian wives have affairs. In fact, Christians have a higher divorce rate than do atheists. One Christian once explained to me: "it's because the Devil spends so much more time trying to tempt us... we're victims of Satan and that's why there is more Christian divorce".

My wife is doing naughty things in the hot tub with our friend, what should I do?
We have another couple that we are friends with and sometime they come over and have a few drinks and we all 4 get into the hot tube. The other night I notice my wife had her foot on my buddies crouch in the hot tube. I did not say anything at the time, but I'm not sure if I should confront her.
well next time get the other wife and put your hands on her bo*bs...that will teach your buddy to let your wife touch his crouch!!! and teach your wife!!!

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