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Where can I find nude pictures of celebrities?
The pictures can be real or fake. If you want to answer please put the website url(s).
Google celebrities nude pictures? why he does this?
i found out my boyfriend likes to google for girls' nude pictures, especially celebrities and models, sometimes after he watched a movie and he got online and looking for her nude pictures, I know he likes playboy kind of stuffs, but google nudity... is it gone tooo far? guys, do u do this?
Kelly, your concern is understandable - for the sexually sheltered, it seems that this is abnormal behavior (and you do think it is slightly abnormal because you put it up here).

However, I can assure you that this is absolutely normal. Your boyfriend has a libido, as men do today (and since I can remember) and culture has very naturally created the notion that sexuality is to be highly valued and sought after.

Celebrities and models are viewed as the peak of sexual energy and he wishes embibe in the energy they emit because frankly it is delicious.

And so, in conclusion, he is a man, he has a 'man-thing' and a healthy sexual appetite. If you still are concerned, I would suggest a double daily dose of intercourse to provide him with the release necessary to soothe the savage beast.
Is it normal to go looking for nude pictures of celebrities after watching their movies or during?
am 22 years old
umm, depends on the celeb.

Like if they're HOT, then yeahh it's totally normal.

HOWEVER, the uglies? Not so much... (:

Hope I helped! Cali loves you! ♥
Are those nude pictures of celebrities out there real?
Like Emily Deschanel? Couldn't they just put her head ontop of a porn stars body?

She doesn't seem like the kind of person to pose nude.
Some are, some aren't.
Are there any young female celebrities who aren't taking nude pictures of themselves?
Have some self respect for God's sake! If you miss him, send him a text or give him a call. Don't be clogging up the bandwidth with grainy pictures of your boobs/beaver. You know it'll only end up on the Internet when he dumps your @s$...
I hope that Beth Ditto never gets hold of a camera.
What are some websites for celebrity nude pictures?
That's creepy, don't you have anything better to do.
NERVOUS; i sent a celebrities best friend nude pictures of me on his cell phone HELP????
i sent domenico a reality t.v show actor's best friend nude pictures of me i am really nervous i don't even know why i did it please help i need some comforting.
Comforting? You need to be told way otherwise. That was really stupid of you and you should think next time before you do something like that.
What is the he best website for hot/nude celebrity pictures?
With many Jessica alba pictures and Jessica Simpson, and others

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