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I need really good dares for only two guys, nude, gay, basically hardcore dares?
We will do basically any dare as long as it is not a wimpy one. They can not be public, they have to stay in my basement we cannot leave the basement. My parents may or may not be there it depends but put some for both cases. Thanks.
I dare you to lick my butthole in a circular motion for ten seconds.
Unless you guys are into that anyways, in which case, have fun with that.
Looking for gay desktop wallpapers/backgrounds, featuring soft-core, semi-nude guys... can't seem to find any
i am looking for a site where you can browse through desktop wallpapers/backgrounds of hot gay guys (semi-nude or soft -core.... erotic but tastefull) i can't seem to find any, am i just searching wrong?
any sites you know of?
my friend was going to order bed sheets that had a picture of a guy laying on his back arms behind his head and then you look down farther and you saw then back of another guy's head and the caption said i'll blow you away it was really hot but he changed his mind i just went to google to help you out and typed in men on wall paper and there are some really fabulous abs out there i think the site i got was but men on wall is what i googled take care and enjoy those photos
Are gay guys embarassed to be shirtless/nude in public/in front of people ?
Are they more reserved about their body than straight men?
Not generally, but we love to be nude in front of each other P&P :-)
Am i gay if i like nude pics of guys but i am interested in chicks, if not what causes this problem?
i am interested in chicks and would never imagine to be with guy but still why am i interested in guys being nude, i don't watch gay porn but just pics of guy nude and i am not at all interested in gay porno, am i gay or is it just my hormones
Dude, you are not gay if you do not want to be with a guy. Simple as that.
For the gay guys who aren't interest in sports?do you think they would be if the players played nude?
I only ask, cause some gay guys already watch sports, im talking about the ones that dont
F*ck, yeah! That would rock!
I'm straight, but want to get involved in gay wrestling. Are gay guys usually very open to wrestling?
First off, I'm interested in going nude.If I were to wrestle someone that was gay I'd prefer if we wrestle in spandex shorts or maybe even a wrestling singlet. But my question is are most gay guys usually comfortable with doing this?
They should, they are very closely involved with guys
How can i control myself while seeing nude guys in bathroom? worst part is im gay?
they know im gay but its still a BIG problem while got a *****... im trying my best to control and its painful in mind. and a big issue here is a PRETTY one, sharing the same class with me. i really wish he doesnt appear at all but............. how?
Simple! If they asked, say "You looked at my penis? Man, you must be gay too!"
I'm straight but want to do gay wrestling. Are gay guys usually open to this? ?
First off, I'm NOT interested in going nude.If I were to wrestle someone that was gay I'd prefer if we wrestle in spandex shorts or maybe even a wrestling singlet. Idk- id just be in it for the body contact, and being squeezed and humped in a vareity of holds.

But my question is, are most gay guys usually comfortable with doing this?
i would be, id also be having an erection LOL

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