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Accidentally 'walked in' on a woman peeing outdoors?
I went to the bar this weekend. While waiting in line I had to pee badly. I saw a dumpster down the alley and walked over.

But when I got back there, a woman was hidden, squatting. She was just peeing away on the asphalt. I didn't know what to do, so I said "sorry" and walked to the other side of the alley and peed against the wall.

Do other women pee outside when you're drinking? What should I do in this situation?
haha. I was born and raised, and still live in Alaska. I spend A LOT of time outdoors in the summer, and yes, I always have to pee outside in the woods. I have to say I'm not shy and when I gotta go, I go, just like any man would do. I have peed outside in an alley behind some garbage cans in the middle of downtown Seattle, and behind a bar in Maryland. LOL If I would you, I'd have just laughed it off and gave her a high five for not being one of those girls who can't be a little rugged sometimes. Haha. So, to answer your question, about 95% of the women in the Big AK would answer "Yes, all the time" to your question! LOL
How do women pee outdoors?
do the pants go off or just down? down how far? is it different if you have pants or a skirt on? if nobody can cover you, do you turn your front or back to the public?
I just love it when I get to give really honest answers to real question..lol.. Anyway, in general a skirt is easier than pants when outdoor urination is required. If however one is wearing pants/ tighter shorts than she would likely pull them down to her ankles and squat. One must be very careful to pull the pants away from the stream as peeing on one's shoes and pants is somewhat to be expected but we try not to. Loose fitting shorts can sometimes be similar to a skirt for in a skirt you simply gather it to one side and squat or in loose shorts one could pull the shorts to the side to expose blah, blah... Anyway, I personally would face the public if uncovered, but most would likely face away as at least that gives you a false sense of security. I hope you have been enlightened. Best wishes
Why do some women, when squatting to urinate outdoors, hold their asses high in the air?
I was at an outdoor festival which--as usual--didn't have nearly enough bathrooms and porta-potties to go around, so many women and men were peeing in the great outdoors. Many women squatted with their asses only an inch or two from the ground, but I saw several who held them several inches above the ground. What's the difference? The same was true with the women who went in with the men and made use of the urinal trough.
This sounds like a personal problem to me. Let me ask you a question.
How many times do you shake your p****after you P. This is one of the silliest questions I have chose not to answer. U strike me as a man who would get off standing outside a stall in a woman's bathroom and listing to her P. I don;t think I am too far off the mark, right>
Men or women: who has an easier time in the bathroom?
im talking about peeing only :p

i think men have a harder time in the bathroom, not outdoors however, for one thing erections make it bloody painful. and (as the film ''me myself and irene'' pointed out) its sorta..unpredictable..after sex, im mean its not exactly point blank range and it goes in two directions sometimes :P

what do you think?
Obviously women since we seem to be able to pee without getting it on the walls and five feet away from the toilet.
If old men sit to pee, why don't all men?
Water level can be lowered for long genitals and balls.
Over in europe it is quite common in German private homes, sitting men, can even catch the last drop with toilet paper.
makes carpeted bathrooms, snugly and odour free.

Men can easily pee outdoors on grassy lawns, walking along , so that grass is not killed by the concentrated strong ammonia residue.

Most women prefer using grass, there is less leg splash. Some women can direct the flow as well as men.... they are not asked to often.

In Britain , some club urinals are equiped with lower glass shield= to save men's shoe.
In italy all angles are built up with bricks or iron curve with spikes, to keep alleys smelling nice.
Now, all bars, let you pee for free.

Some men aim at water drains very neat... sewage gets it anyway,
In America=USA , the phone booths are where they pee.... surrounded by grass! Unused, because of local prudery.
Ok, maybe I am just stupid, but didn't you just answer your own question with all that?

Men stand to pee 'cause they can. And quite frankly, I am jealous when they can just whip it out and whiz while we women have to wait, and wait, and wait till we get to a restroom.
College behavior records, what is barring for OCS? Recruiters only please!?
Hi, I'm interested in the Army's OCS program, but, I'm a little worried about ONE incident that came to the attention of my Dean's office. I had a one night encounter with a young lady, and a few days later was accused of all sorts of terrible things. I had no idea what it could have possibly been, and agreed to speak with a mediator as my stomach was in knots and I was terrified of a he said/ she said situation on a college campus. By virtue of just speaking with the mediator and even hearing the accusations, I was then unable to file a false report charge against her, and had to depend on the mediators judgement. If I could do it over again, I would have set up a false report immediately, but at the time, I just couldn't believe that someone would lie about a sexual encounter, very naive. I went through the mediation, and was charged with "sexual assault". I was shocked at being charged with something so severe sounding, but the mediator told me that though it's rarely enforced a person could also technically get charged for "sexual misconduct" just for peeing outdoors! I told my side of the story, pointed out the lies and inaccuracies in her account, and the mediator felt that I had no malicious intent(which is stated explicitly in the judgement), but that I hadn't been as "safe" as I could have been. She told me that she NEVER let anyone charged with "sexual assault" graduate, and that she gave me the absolutely lightest sentence possible given that I had no malicious intent, and that it was basically an accident of ignorance. I was allowed to graduate, but had to take two classes, (one on "safer sex"), and I wasn't allowed to be on campus for awhile after graduation. This judgement was limited to the school and never had anything to do with the police or the courts, it was only ever a school matter. The woman teaching the safer sex class was appalled by the story and almost angrier than I was, and the class ended up being a positive experience and I feel much better about how to have sex safely. I learned a valuable lesson and am much smarter about choosing my sexual partners and knowing them and their mental state before anything progresses. I plan on being open with my recruiter, I think I would be really good officer candidate, and I really want to serve my country. I'm just worried that this *looks* terrible, would I need a moral waiver on an issue like this? What kind of judgement goes into a decision like this? Please help!
Also, I have large tattoos on my arms, is this a problem for OCS?
since there is no county,state or federal criminal record, you are probably fine.

but yes, disclose anyway. if at all possible have the mediator and instructor for the safer sex class write letters of recommendation.

that being said, if the choice was between you and another person without this past, all other things being equal( grades, potential, etc) you may be the one who is NOT offered the commission. selection rates are at historic lows right now.. as low as under 20% when just a few short years ago it was at 100% of qualified candidates.

the tatts may be a DQ, the regs change frequently on that.. if they show in uniform, or cannot be covered by an open palm, for instance.
The most embarrassing thing happened to me... I wet myself infront of my boyfriend! What should I do?
Ok, this is totally embarrassing, but I just don’t know how to deal with this situation...

We’d spend the weekend hiking in the outdoors and were going back to town yesterday evening. After travelling for 3 hours I told him I could do with a pee and he asked wether he should stop, but since it were only about 20 more minutes to my place were we were going (we haven’t moved in together so far) I decided I could wait and told him I’d be ok. Unfortunatly I proved wrong, as short before our exit an accident blocked the road and traffic was held up for quite some time. 20 minutes became 40, became 50 and I was sitting there now dying to pee. When we finally arrived at the garage of my appartment building more then an hour later, I was absolutly bursting. I got out of the car picked my things up and started walking towards the staircase. As we were walking, I felt a spurt coming out and started to panic, but since my bf was walking next to me, it was not like I could grab my crotch. I just ignored it and kept on walking, using all my willpower to hold it, but I couldn’t do it anymore. A couple of seconds later I started peeing full speed, soaking my panties, leggings, socks and hikingboots, creating a huge puddle on the concret. I felt my face turn beet red and tears of embarrasment welling up in my eyes, as I continued peeing myself like nobodys business, an adult woman of 27 years. I swear I must have peed a gallon. When I was finished I stammered something like: “Sorry, I just couldn’t hold it anymore! I just couldn’t!” After that I just hurried of to my appartment and left him standing there. An hour later he called me, but I just couldn’t talk to him and still haven’t so far.
So what do you think I should do now? I really want to keep him, but I don’t know how to look him in his eyes after that and I’m afraid he’ll be grossed out by my accident. Can anyone PLEASE give me some support?
I don't think you should be so embarrassed....I know it IS embarrassing, but under the same circumstances it probably would have happened to him too!! All you can do now is laugh about it. Try to make light of the situation...but please, call him!! Tell him how embarrassed you were, and ask him if he can bring himself to still be with a woman who wet her pants. :) The joking will make you feel more comfortable, and it will certainly make him feel comfortable as well!!
Dog still trying to get through fence, snapped at me and my DH, neighbor could care less?
Last night Cujo tried to get through our fence to go after my son. I talked to the neighbor and she brought Cujo inside. This morning I took my dog out to pee, and Cujo was again outdoors and tried to get under the fence again. The dog this time had her entire upper body under the fence, and she snapped at me and my DH when we yelled at her to go home. I promptly went next to to yell at the idiot neighbor as it was less than 12 hours ago that the damn dog went after my 4 ear old while he was playing in his own yard. The neighbor explained that while her guys had friends over, the dog has to go out in the yard because she bites guys. I did not want to get into a discussion of common sense with the woman, for example I not harbour a dog who bit guys, but I have common sense which clearly she lacked
Anyhow, this dog is hell bent on getting into our yard to eat my son and/or my Jack Russel. We already tried banking up the holes she dug under the fence, but she just dug in a new spot. We literally just bought this house, and this weekend has been the first time my son has tried to enjoy his yard, and it appears that is impossible unless he wants to loose a limb or worse.
The entire yard is fenced in, however Cujo is working night and day to get through the fence. Yesterday she was literally tearing the boards off!
SO, while the neighbor could care less, and is more concerned about the guys indoors than the public at large, what can I do? I asked this last night, after the first fence break, but now it seems more serious.
Our town does have a dog officer, he is approx 900 years old and only works 2 days per week. Last night when I confronted the idiot neighbor, she was REALLY worried about me calling the cops (I WONDER WHAT MAY BE GOING ON THERE) and I am hesitant to wage war with people who live right next door, but I am more hesitant to keep my son locked inside all summer so she can continue to harbour a vicious dog. Advice?
Let the dog get through the fence (being careful for your son and dog) and when it's in, call the police and make a big song and dance about how it tried to attack you in your own yard. Act distressed and traumatised. Then at least you'll have a police record of it being aggressive. They should then order the owner to keep it more securely. If not, let it get through again, and call the police again...and again etc. They'll eventually get sick of telling her, and if the dog acts aggressively when they come to check out the situation, then the dog may eventually be taken away. If your neighbour isn't going to act, you have to.
My body fat goes in abnormal places, need to pee all the time, constantly tired what is wrong with me?
I am 23 years old and I have body fat in really odd places. I have thin arms and legs but I have a fat middle and back. I also have a lump at the back of my neck and I can't wear my hair up and have to have it longer than my shoulders so that it's hidden. I eat no more than 1,800 cals a day so I don't know why I measure 39 inches around my belly button and 30 inches around my waist. My boobs have also gone from a 34C to a 34FF which doesn't feel right and they're really saggy like an old woman's.

I also feel tired all the time and I need to pee about 20 times a day.

This has been going on since I was in my mid teens, only it has gotten worse within the past few years and before I turned 15 I had a normal figure for a young woman. My waist went in and I had a pair of hips and a bottom that curved outwards, now it's just flat.

My periods have also never been regular. They come every 4-6 weeks.

I also keep on having to pluck black hairs out of my chin.

I had a baby at 21 and all these problems have been at their worst since then.

It feels like I'm slowly dying. I used to enjoy being outdoors and going hiking and on long walks but I have no energy and no motivation anymore. It has nothing to do with caring for a baby btw as he was given up for adoption (long story).

Most nights I cannot sleep as I need to pee constantly and I also have ringing in my ears. I usually sleep until midday waking up frequently in between.

I have been tested for PCOS and don't have it.
I started putting on fat after university. Then I started working; I had no time to look after my body and exercise, etc. I was trying to drop the fat but it was too difficult as I'm still really busy and most of time had to go out to eat because of my job. Then I tried those fast weight loss, Atkins, Fasting, low carbohydrate, etc. None of them appeared to work, cuz I never have energy all the time and couldnt stay alert at work. I need something that doesn't deprive me of energy. After researching around, I couldnt find anything and was considering surgery; but it was expensive, so I lost hope. One day A girlfriend shared with me these amazing supplements that she used every day, I was like please, is this another one of those, but she looks incredible. So I took her advice & started using them, have been trying these for about 2 and half weeks now. And to my surprised, I really dropped 11 pounds. I couldnt see much weightloss the first few days, but after that I started seeing consistent result. I've dropped 40 pounds now. I gotta tell you, I'm ecstatic. Here is the info: ultraloseweightfocus.tk

The amazing thing from these diet products is that I got a booost of energy; so I'm alert all the time. I trust my experience will help motivate you.

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