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I think my dad is in love with me, like romantially. I'm a girl. What should I do??
I'm a girl,13 yrs old, will be 14 in 5 months.
My dad is about 43.He loves tall women(he told this to my mom). He's 5'4 and my mom is around 5'10/5"11"(He was 4'10 and mom was 5'7 when they 1st met).
When I was 12, I was 5'4" and within the next 1.5 yrs I grew to 5'10" untill now.
Here are some incidents which suggest he loves me:
1) My dad used to dress me for school till the 4th grade and suddenly when I was nearing 13 and was in 7th grade, he started helping me dress again. I told him I'm 12.5 yrs, I am 5'6" now, taller than him but still he persisted.He kept dressing me for 4 months till the end of 7th grade, by then I was 5'8". He used to touch my legs, waist and back a lot then.
2) He's taking more home video's for past 1 year, mostly of me in our backyard pool.
3) Once I even found a small spy cam in my bathroom but it was switched off.
4) I even find some of my clothes in my parent's room which I know is taken by him.
5) He kisses me a lot even on my neck, legs and lips.
This is a dangerous situation. Very dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Your dad is building towards making a move on you and when he does it, you probably won't be strong enough to stop him.

Tell your Mom and tell her quick. Do not allow your dad to kiss you anywhere other than your forehead or cheek! Anywhere else is sexual contact. Do not allow your dad to place his hands anywhere between your waist area and your knees. No need for him to touch you in these areas.

You're in trouble, dear, and it is not your fault. You do, however, have a responsibility to yourself to act on what you know is inappropriate behavior.

I think your dad wants to have sex with you. I think you love your dad and want to have a normal relationship with him and don't want to hurt him. The problem is he doesn't want to have a normal relationship with you. You are at a disadvantage but you are not without power. Tell your mom or some other adult female that is strong and confident, and that you trust.
Part 4 of you might be a redneck if....?
the diving contest at the family reunion was ruined because your pool went flat

your idea of "getting lucky" is passing the emissions test

the last time you went swimming they had to use the boat ramp to get you out of the lake

you join a record club under a fake name

your hood ornament is a duck decoy

the owner of a restaurant had to ask you to "please move away from the salad bar before you start eating."

you often find stray animals in your living room

you pick your friends based on their ownership of jumper cables

the uninvited guests at your family reunion were the SWAT team

you've ever given a full set of NASCAR plastic cups as a wedding present

you regularly check the brake lights on your house

you've ever swapped shirts with a scarecrow

the box your TV cam in has also served as a clubhouse, a laundry basket, ad a playpen

your yard has more than 10 ceramic figurines

nobody else will touch your favorite cap

the flowers in your bridal bouquet were plastic

you always cancel the subscription and keep the free gift

you’ve accidentally injured 1 of your relatives with a flying toenail

there are crawfish in your home aquarium

people drive by your house to look at your Christmas lights in April

part of your parole states that you are not allowed to own sheep

your wedding dress was leather

you ever took a deerskin to a dry cleaner
I had a neighbor that every time he had a family reunion, the police and fire department were called. He got evicted.
14 an had sex with my girlfriend?
Please read the entire situation..
OK so my girlfriend and I are both 14. We've been together for 2 years.. So we both live in the same subdivision. yesterday, my mom and bro left h house and i was really bored. I called her and she said she was bored too! So naturally i invited her over to my house. Both our parents didn't mind because they know each other very well. She came over, and we decided to go swimming in my pool. We got in the hot tub and started making out. My lil' bro cam home ( night around 9pm-10pm and saw us making out and said " ooooo " it was kinda funny! After my bro left, we got out of the hot tub, we went up to the 3rd floor to my room.. we changed back into our regular clothes. I changed first and layed down on my bed and turned on my flat.. She came out and layed down on my chest and we and put her arms around me for a while. Then we started making out again and frenching. She took my shirt off and i was like ohhh sh*t in my head. Then i took her shirt off. I had condoms in my dresses ( Trojan pleasure pack ) and i put it on the bed. She pulled off my pants and then i was really like OHHH SH*T in my head! She had told me before that she was a virgin and i told her i wasn't. We had this conversation about a week ago, I pulled off her pants and we continued frenching. The next thing i know, we were having sex for about 20-30 minutes. She told me later that she did it because she really loves me and she wants to come over again tomorrow. I told her ok. I really love her like love her that i want to marry her later in life. I've never had such strong feelings about ANY girl other than her. what's your opinion on the situation??
The problem is are you ready to be a FATHER at 14 you have your hole life ahead of you yeah you might be using protection i don't think any 14 year old is ready to be a FATHER it only takes once that is good that you love her but there are other ways to show love then sex at your age i can tell you think it is cool but i wont be when you have a baby just think about that

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