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Pretty Legs?
I have great legs and would like to show them
off. Where can I get some nice stockings(NOT pantyhose) and a nice skirt/dress?

just shop online or try Nordstrom.
Pretty legs???
What can I use to get my legs really shiny and silky looking?
use baby oil with your regular lotion for an added bit of shine.

also try cocoa butter or shea butter. those are great natural moisturizers.

and if you want some extra sparkle, try the bronzer lotions with the little flecks of glitter in them.

good luck :)
Is it OK to tell a girl that she has pretty legs?
I'm 15, and I love girls who wear pantyhose. If I see a girl at school wearing them, is it OK to tell her she has pretty legs? If I get a date with her, and she wears them, is it OK to rub them during the date, like at a movie or something?
I used to love it when guys told me I had nice legs! I had a boyfriend who used to rub them all the time. I wore pantyhose almost every day to school, even with my cheerleading uniform. I still wear them often today, and I'm 22 now.
What exercise will get me pretty legs?
i'm 5'5" and weigh about 166 lbs and i'm female.
my legs are the biggest problem. i was planning on running and swimming but i've been told that if i do then i'll build up muscles and it'll get bigger and uglier. my dream is to get pretty legs.. or at least not big fat legs..
what should i do?
Pretty legs, I enjoy them too. Let's do it.

Running will build your calves and swimming will build your shoulders and lats. You won't build a ton of muscle, but you won't get the 'pretty' legs you'd like from doing only those two things.

The king of pretty legs is the squat. Jessica Simpson, who I hear has pretty good legs, wanted perfect legs for the Dukes of Hazzard film. She did squat after squat after squat after squat. But that can get boring, so we'll mix it up and have some fun.

Workout I
5-minute warm-up jog
20-leg presses (you shouldn't strain to get 20, but you should feel a burn. GET DEEP)
12-minutes interval (15s sprinting, 45s jogging x 12)
20-more leg presses, same as above
10-minutes interval (same as above, only on the bike)
5-minute cool down

Workout II
5-minute warm up

20-lunges (20 per leg, good form!)
20-step ups (20 per leg, step up onto a bench)
Repeat two more times

10-minute light jog

Check up on your diet, make sure it's appropriate. (by that I mean go do research, buy a couple of books by FITNESS EXPERTS not diet books, try the Abs Diet book)

Workout out intensely and you'll see the results you want. Also, feel free to tweak this workout, after 1-month of DEDICATED WORK, to what you feel works your body the best. Your workouts should always be about 45 minutes and INTENSE! If results were easy, we wouldn't be having this talk.


For max results, do each workout 3x per week, taking one day per week COMPLETELY off from working out. Go have fun, eat something (only something, not everything) you shouldn't, show your transforming body off!
If I wear pantyhose, will any guys tell me that I have pretty legs?
Next Tuesday is my first day of senior year of high school, and I plan to wear an outfit with pantyhose (a skirt, dress, or romper). Is it likely that any random guys will tell me that my legs are pretty?
I think they'd notice you. If they'd tell you or not remains to be seen. Few ladies in the era of bare legs and flip flops have a clue about how to dress up. I'm sure you'll get several long glances at the very least. Men like it when women dress nicely and they'll show you attention.
How do you get pretty legs and butt?
how do girls on certain bad "videos" have such pretty legs and etc? there's nothing there. just smooth. do they go to the dermatologist and use nair all over?
its hard on women and girls you see seemingly perfect women on tv n in "bad movies" but they have lots of money to spend on the best of every hing and have people who are payed thousands of dollars to make them look amazing all you have to really do is look into waxing and different methods of hair removal theres lasik hair removal and it may be a bit more but its a one time thing
What does it mean when girls say to guy that he has pretty legs?
i had got my legs waxed for charity event , but now mostly all the girls have told me that i have really nice pretty legs

what exactly do they mean?
It means that they actually like your legs shaved. Most girls will say they don't like guys with shaved legs but they've never seen a guy with them. Or better yet, been with a guy who shaves. My boyfriend waxes the legs (and above) and I love the look!
What do I do to have smooth and pretty legs?
I'm going to a wedding this Thursday and I'm going to wear a short dress. My legs are damaged from shaving and wearing somewhat tight jeans. They're vein-y and have black dots from where the hair grows, tiny scabs and razor rash and bumps. Please help me. Thank you :)
Moisturize your legs, use shea butter, and the day before your wedding, have you legs waxed and use an epilator to make them totally bare, and make sure to moisturize after. On the day of the wedding, moisturize and put baby oil on your legs. That will make them really shiny. Tanning you legs would also make them look better so try a fake tan
I have ugly scared up legs how would i turn my ugly scared up legs to pretty legs in order to be a cheerleader?
Now i need ideas on how to get pretty legs in order to be a cheerleader and not have people make fun of me
is it from shaving everyday? if you can, dont shave everyday and wear long pants and jeans

a toner is good too and a tanning lotion

can you wear tights? those help a lot for my dance when I cant stand my own pale, scabbed, skateboarder legs :(
Is it OK to tell a girl via Facebook that her legs are pretty?
Every morning I watch the local news from 6-7AM, and the traffic reporter is really HOT! She's 26 years old, single, and so cute! This morning, she wore a short skirt with black pantyhose. She's on Facebook, so I was wondering what she would say if I sent her a message on Facebook that says, "I love it when you wear pantyhose! Your legs are so pretty!".
I bet this is just more fetish spam, but on the off chance it isn't...

Do you know how freaking creepy it is getting messages like that? Seriously. There are a few pages I am a fan of, and every time I happen to leave any sort of comment, I end up with like five random guys leaving me weird fetishy spam messages in my inbox. It is SO annoying and weird.

Just don't do it dude.

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