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How much does a health asian teen girl weigh?
I have to do a project for health about how much teen girls around the world weigh. I can't find anything on a asian teen girl (like from china or japan)! Someone please help me! I need to know their weight, bra size, and size in normal clothes. I know this is werid question but my female health teacher is werid.
It makes sense i think your health teach just wants to show her students the variety there is in women.

I'm not sure where you can find info like that on Asians. Good luck though.
Why so many teen Asian American girls go for White dudes?
Why so many teen Asian American girls go for White dudes?

The girl I asked said they have sharp features? What the heck does that
even mean, like sharp being cool?

I'm don't hate I'm just curious as its way too common to be a coincidence.
Interesting article I found. It says Asian-American women have a higher rate of STD's than Caucasian women. And Asian-American women are 4 times more likely to have STD's than Asian-American men.


Over the course the study, Hahm unmasked some myths common about Asian Americans. She said, “There’s a perception that Asian Americans in particular aren’t practicing sexually risky behaviors. But we found that Asian American young women are at risk of high STDs. For instance, Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women."

Moreover, the power dynamic between genders became immediately clear. Asian American women were four times more likely to have a STD than their male counterparts. “This was shocking,” said Hahm, “It was so much higher than the males.”
Best place for teen Asian girl to model?
So I am a young teenage Asian girl. I have a talent agent, but was wondering what stores would be best for me to apply to model for on my own. The business is kind of slow right now, and I am trying to find my own jobs. If you have some suggestions for stores (or companies) that work with, or need Asian models, that would be great! Thanks!
my friends model for Sokora Vora. try that.
What color contact lenses would look good for an asian teen?
im asian and i wanna get colored contacts but i dont know what color should i get. i was thinking about maybe baby blue or grey or something light brown/hazel. help me out here. and do i need prescriptions to get it?
and how much would they cost? thanks!
over all its mostly up to you, but since your asking id say a dark colour like brown or black that doesn't make it look like your wearing contacts. you know what im saying?

hope this helps!
Will the public today ever accept an asian teen actress?
I'm really curious. Would you still recieve the same amount of attention and publicity as Miley Cyrus and all the other teen actors out there? Would you still be treated with respect even though you're not a white actor?
The truth is, Asian actresses can only play dumbos and whores. People mention Brenda Song, but she's eye candy and acts dumb. Lucy Lui usually plays a whore. How many Asian actresses can you list that don't play whores most of the time? How many Asians do you see on mtv? Oh yeah, Tila Tequla...whores. What bout the radio? Venessa Hudgins looks more like a Latina and she isn't representative of Eastern Asians. All these people who are saying race doesn't matter are retards. Again, how many times do you hear Asians on the radio? How often do you see them in nonstereotypical roles.

Asian male actors at least have some respect, like Jet Li and Jackie Chan. People can look at them as role models, but there's not even 1 asian female that we can look up to because all of them are portrayed as whores. Even "Wonder Girls' from Korea.
What is the best comedy teen asian drama?
The drama must have the following
1. a super hot guy
2. alittle romance
3. Has to be about teens

I've already seen these dramas

hanazakari no kimitachi e (taiwan and japanese version)
Yukan club
hana yori dango (all versions)
14 sai no haha
it started with a kiss (both versions)
zettai kareshi
they kissed agian
Yo can see:
-Secret Garden (Korean)
-Coffee Prince(Korean)
-Devil Beside You(Taiwanese)
-You're Beautiful(Korean)
Wonderful Life(Korean)
-atashinchi no danshi(japanese)
-Nodame Cantabile(Japanese)
What are some good ideas for asian teen rooms?
I am moving and finally have a room i can do something with! But i am stuck with what i should do. I love everything Asain preferably Chinese and i want my room to be girly but chinese at the same time, what to do?
First, you must create an ambiance. Bedrooms should be considered your own special comfortzone, so dont rush it. Check jcp.com OR visit a J.C. Pennys...They have colorful and fun patterns.(Right now they are in season change- swap mode so they are having some pretty fresh sales) There is a comforter set that is Asian/Egyptian/East Indian inspired. It is Hot Pink, Purple, Green, Blue patchwork make with gold detailing. You can even get a regular blank paper and draw phrases or letters of your name in Chinese and paint it and have them framed to place sporadically throughout your room, (dressers, bathroom, etc.) Add a comfortable chair and find some thin pillows Cylinder shaped (or make your own) and toss them on the chair to emmulate chopsticks. Make a collage from magazines of things you like about China or Egpyt. Ex: buildings, clothing style, make up, food, people, etc.. Get a blacklight for quiet nights and cool highlighting in your room. Have fun!
Any health and beauty tips for teen Asian skin?
now im 13 and im starting to have some blemishes which i know is normal. i have japanese like white skin. im 4'11 and weigh 93 pounds. can anyone recommend me any tips mainly facial care, make up, exercise, and dieting. i also want to get taller too but im lactose inferencece. i dont have much money for products either.
i know this doesn't sound very helpful, but you should ask this question on here: beautyandskincare.findtalk.net/fo…
its really helpful, trust me!
Why are there so many white hispanic maybe asian teen guys sleeping with alot of gilrs?
I'm 14 a freshman,and this only apllies to all 14 year olds of the races I just described why are so many 14 year old white,mexican,idk asian guys having sex with alot of girls even the slutty ones
why not

get it while the goings good.

Do teen white guys often date teen asian girls?
Are the asian girls in your school pretty? Are the hot guys attracted to them?
I have a lot of Asian friends who are female with white boyfriends who are considered good-looking, I guess.

On average, I see that the guys only go for the girls who are smart, okay-looking (not super hot), and who have communication skills.

I always tell myself, since I'm Asian,"Damn, they are taking all our Asian girls!" Some of my Asian friends ONLY date white guys. LOL

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