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OLDERWOMEN and if ur a man you can read it, but im a TEEN nedding help with SEX,RACE, and etc?
d race issues and sexxxx? Ok so I'm 145 pounds but u can't tell and ppl say I look 130 cuz I'm soo damn skiinny with na big ***(I'm halfblack with all genes from my blackmom) I've been a cheerleader for 9 years. So well all my friends have big boobs ands I'm a 36 a:( I get jelous and I feel weird around themnand I got made fun of by peaple about get jelous and I feel weird around themnand I got made fun of by peaple about my itty tiity boobs, all women in my family hve big boobs...why not me? I've been called blackbarbie and stuff and I was thinking to look alil more perfect I wanna get surgery and big boobs ( I'm a young teen) so I can look better and cuz I'm very materialistic and I sadly sometimes have the lightskinned blackbarbie mentality on how I have to look pretty(my grandma forced that on me growing up) also everyone I no is having sex or fooled around but me:(. Also people complain I need to stop a sneekling around with oldermen ..well guys my age don't like me so I noticed cause I look older than I am oldermen give me thew time a day and I feel good, iv gotten offers to get paid to lose my virginity but I can't do it...I feel like a nprude(I wanna wait till I'm older and more mature and inlove like 17 and up...not now....what's wrong with me?
your grandma sounds horrible and please surgery for larger boobs and falling prey to pervs?? dont screw yourself up early. Let alone your race and try being more independent. Love your body. People at my school DO NOT tease each other's flat chests anymore, and you sound like a likable person.
No guys at my school like me neither, nor i feel that way for them. Your friends are different. I'm thin and most of the people in my family are a little teeny bit bigger, even my younger sisters. Yet I don't mind my slender 90-93 lb. body anymore. It's very nice.
The guys you attend school seem very immature. Yes there are a few couples doing it I hear at mine, but it's looked down upon. You will be rewarded in life if you stay true to yourself. Being a cheerleader, you're representing the school and your spirit. Also you're fit. You've built up body mass/muscle which makes guys think you look thinner. Do you exercise? Don't worry about what they say.
What's your perfect body type in a member of the opposite sex? Has it changed over time?
When I was a teen and in my 20s, I used to like the slightly chubby cheerleader look. Now in my late 30s, I think I like taller, more statuesque women -- maybe because they are rarer at this age.

What's your ideal body type for a member of the opposite sex? Has it changed over time?
Mine hasn't changed much. I had a major crush in school on a tall, athletically built guy. He was a football player, had brown eyes and brown hair. I still find that attractive. My husband is a little heavier and not quite as tall, but he is very attractive. I'd have to say for me it hasn't changed all that much.
Do you like a woman you can look up to? ; )
How many sex fetisihes and activities or interests realte to guyhood exp?
How many sex fetishes or activities relate to guyhood experiences.

Ie jelly wrestling/mud wrestling = gunge games on Kids TV

Wet T shirt = water fight

Cops and robber handcuffs or other custume play. = dressing up fantasy as a guy

Schoolgirl outfit thing = wanting to go back and pull the babes you could not in secondary school pref in the girls locker room

Teacher outfit fantasy = banging that fit teacher you had in english.

Sploshing (ie mess food over you) = FOOD FIGHTS

Cheerleaders = see schoolgirl outfits

Comming over girl = again things like food fights, custard pies, anything messy

Get the general idea?

Being the villan in some fantasy = always the goodie tooshoes at shool wanting to feel bad

That experiences in guyhood and teen years have an effect almost like reliving these experiences. Or getting to do what you could not now gorwn up with sex thrown in

Also shows that waht happens to you as a guy can have big effects on your adult life
I really do not get your point???

Let me give you my point of view on what you are trying to say.
The question you are posting is questionable that I do not understand what you want or what you are trying to emphasize.
It is very mixed up with ambiguity that is near impossible to answer what you are trying to say. You are using to much long and short stages of your idea or what is in your mind. Can you not make it a little simpler and more to the point.

PS> Use proper language and (CORRECT YOUR GRAMMAR)
Use long term words. NO acronyms: EG LOL, le, P st, Swp****y.
Young teens sex question?
I am a 13 year old girl and have quite a few questions. Well first off i have had sex one time and it was unprotected.. and i know this will happen again. and im scared of STI's and mostly pregnancy. I'm mainly a mature and responsible young woman. I am involved with my church and school i am even a cheerleader. But my mother had my older sister at 16, so this is a awkward topic, I have never been comfortable talking to my mom about ANYTHING especially this. My mom is very sensitive with this also because she knows my sister lost her "V-card" at 14. So here are some questions:

1. How can I ask my mom about Birth Control without it being obvious i am having sex?
2. How can i make it not awkward..ect? (THIS IS MY MAIN QUESTION)
3. What does it mean when he asks "Has your cherry popped"?
4. How do i know if u have popped it?
5. Can you get pregnant if it hasnt popped?
6. I have mastubated quite a few times; is that weird?
7. It hurt when we had sex, i screamed quite loud and it hurt to walk and pee after wards. Is that a bad thing?
8. if we were both virgins what are the chances of STI's and such?
9. If u have any advice or other answers to question that are related feel free to add it in your answer.
1. There isn't really an easy way to do this...unless you lie to your mom and say that you have bad period cramps..or irregular periods, and want birth control to make things more normal.

2. You just need to talk to your mom openly. Don't think of it as an awkward thing...just realize that this couldn't be a more natural subject to talk to your mom about.

3. "cherry pop" is slang for your hymen tearing. This usually happens the first time you have sex.

4. Sometimes when your hymen tears, there is blood. This is an obvious way to tell that it has been tore. But there is not always blood. You can pretty much know that it is "popped" if you have had sex.

5. No, i'm pretty sure your "cherry pops" the first time you have sex...and you can't get pregnant without having sex.

6. No, it is completely normal for an adolescent girl.

7.This isn't nessasarily bad...pretty normal. Your vagina isn't used to sex or anything penetratring it at all...so it has to stretch and become more used to the action.

8. very low.

9. wear a condom next time...you are much too young to have a baby. I had my daughter at 18...her father was 20. And it has been the hardest thing of my life. If you don't want to wear a condom, get on birth control.
Well i had sex with a girl and she keeps on wanting more when i say no what should i do?
It's just that im a teen and she's a beaut cheerleader
zap her with a laser no just guyding just tell her not to do it until you both you are married
HELPP! mum wont let me read normal teen magazines!?
HEYY guys im 14, a good guy, cheerleader, the worx! but my mum wont let me read normal teen magazines like girlfriend and dolly!!!! once i was reading one and she looked at the dolly doctor page and she was furiouse!! i was like, mum its sorta stuff i need 2 kno and she was like, NO DAUGHTER OF MINE NEEDS TO KNO ABOUT SEX TILL SHES 18!!!! I tried explaing that i wasent reading it for that info but she wouldnt listen and now if i so much as touch a mag she goes insane, what should a do? pleasse help! btw im almost 14
talk to her about it tell her your learning things about yourself. i used to read them and found it helped for embarrasing things you cant ask your parents about
Teen pregnancy..... rude comments....plez plez plez help....god bless?
im a teen mother and i was talking about my boyfriend and I relationship which is growing be the day. it has been a 4 year relationship. the problem is that hes moving out of state soon and our parents hate each other.I have a wonderful aunt that takes care of the month old while i go to school. this man started going on about how i don't respect myself and how he will some how go off to have sex with little girls( my boyfriend and i are around the same age) and he said i might be flirting with a bunch of boys while my aunt is doing all the work. OK TO CLEAR THIS UP HELL YES I AM A TEENAGE MOTHER AND YEA I MESSED UP BIG TIME BY ******* AROUND AND I LEARN IT ONLY TAKES 1 TIME(YES WE USED A CONDOM BUT NOT THE RIGHT WAY) MY MOTHER AND FATHER ARE AT HOME A DOES TALK TO ME ABOUT SEX BUT "I" DID THAT ON MY OWN. I GO TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS, NO PROBLEM. IM A CHEERLEADER AT THE SAME TIME. I DO EXTRA WORK EVEN IF MY GRADES ARE AT (A B). THIS SUMMER IM DOING COMMUNITY SERVICE TO EARN $8,000 TO COLLEGE BECAUSE I AM STRIVING TO STAY IN SCHOOL AND GO TO COLLEGE. I ALMOST HAVE ALL MY HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS(I NEED 2 MORE). SO FOR ALL PEOPLE THAT WANT TO CALL ME A HOE OR FAST ARE SAY I HAVE A BABY AND IM STILL GOOFING AROUND, HERE IS A LITTLE ABOUT MY......COMMENT IF YOU WANT BUT TELL ME WOULD YOU CHOOSE THIS ROAD IF YOU WAS A TEEN MOTHER??????......HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GOD BLESS.

and plez pray 4 my mother who is batteling breast cancer
You are a mother. Leave off the teen part and just be mom. While the timing was not the best possible for you economically or age wise that's pretty minor compared to the guy you brought into this world and the love you have for the guy.

You sound like your on a good direction. By finishing college you'll have some chance in the job market. Guy care will complicate things and at times you'll feel like you lost your guyhood but most of us do one way or another anyway. Getting to college is the main point and if a GED gets you there faster then all the better. Once in college you'll find your schedule more flexible, the finances a bit easier to deal with and you'll be around a group of people who are more mature and understanding of your circumstances.

You've really done well finding that community service.

Wish I could say it'll all turn out great. You've got a great plan and good direction but life has a way of interrupting plans. So stay with it as best you can. When you get sidetracked find a way back to your plan. It will be worth it in the end.

Wish you luck and hope your mom makes a full recovery. If detected early enough her chances are good but tt's still no trivial matter.
What is your opinion on teen pregnancy?
I was reading an article on teenage pregnancy and the writer was really bashing on teen moms. Saying they were saying teen moms are selfish that just want a baby for the fun of it. Now my opinion is it matters on the girl. You can't say a trashy girl who has no money isn't a good mom. Last time i checked you can be a good mother 14 or 44 a billionaire or flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. Now I myself am, well was a teenage mother. So maybe I am bias. When I was 15 my sophomore year (varsity cheer, varsity soccer, all AP classes) had sex before so it was no big deal. My boyfriend Dakota (varsity football, varsity lax, varsity wrestling, and also smart) and I decided to have sex. It was our 6 month anniversary so it was special. The condom broke. Once I found out I was pregnant I told my older sister who then helped me tell. When I was 7 months along I found out we were expecting twins. The school wanted me out, having a cheerleader that got knocked up by the star running back would look bad on the school. Well they eventually gave in and I stayed. Everyone stared and made fun of me. I even heard teachers cracking jokes. Well I graduated 4th of my class and my boyfriend was like 15th. We both went to school and took care of our babies. Once we graduated college, we got married. I am now 27 with twins Leland Blaine(12) and Sophie Jane(12), Izabel Rae(7), Eli Wayne(5), Deryk Isaiah(3), and Stella Marie(2). Now in my opinion I am not the 'typical' teen mom. I graduated high school, college, married my guyren's' father, and had more guys instead of the 'single mom'.
So what is your opinion on teen mothers?
*and the reason I gave my story so you see not all are as bad as they say.
I was a teen mother. Had my first baby when i was 16, i finished high school, went to college, worked and took care of my baby. There was no going out, having my parents raise him and me still being a teen. The moment that test said positive I did everything i had to do to be the best I could be not only for me but for my son. Now i am 22, married and have 3 beautiful guys, own a house, etc. Unfortunatly i believe we are NOT the norm. I know many many many teen parents and they are exactly why young people should not have guyren. Even though i was a teen mom i still don't look highly on teen pregnancies, we had no business having sex at that age but what's done is done and as long as we do our absoulte best it's all anyone can really ask for.
Teens...awakard sex scenes while watching with parents?
Do you ever feel awkard. It's alright if it's just a hug and kiss scene and then it changes, but the really dirty ones that go for like 3 minutes. What do you do? I'm 16 so it's strange. I don't know what to do.

I half feel as if I should cover my eyes just for them as I use to but that's babyish ahha. I always start up random conversations if I can sense them coming or if not go and get a snack.

What do you do? It's even worse tonight becasue I'm going to a rugby match and there will be cheerleaders in bikinis. How do I act? haha.

Thanks in advance :)
I'm the same. I'm the same, it feels dead uncomfortable and then my parents will ask me some strange questions related to the sex scene and I'm like what the hell! To be honest if I was on my own I wouldn't care less about it (I probably wouldn't bother watching it) but when I'm with my parents I make out that it bothers me and i'm like "get a room!" and things like that.
How should I tell my brother he is gonna become a teen father?
I just turned 22, I live with my parents, my 13 year old sister, and my 16 year old brother. We are an Albanian family, I go to community college.

My brother has been really stuck up and vein since last year. He is now the star basketball player at his school, he is 5'11, always brags about himself, and always flirts with the cheerleaders. For the past 3 months he has been dating this really gorgeous blonde,15 year old cheerleader named Trisha.
Our parents don't allow dating in the family, but he keeps it a secret, I am the only one who knows about her, because he some how allows me to stalk through his Facebook, and text messages. I've met up with the girl before because sometimes at night, they sneak out and go out to eat at Pizza Hut and she hangs out with him while practing cheerleading while he is at basketball practice.

I am very familiar with her, we've met in person quite a few times. Just yesterday afternoon she told me she is pregnant. She said she has been pregnant for nearly two months. I don't get it they have been dating for only three months, I don't know how they can push eachother into sex that early. I didn't have sex only a month after I dated my boyfriends when I was his age.

She said the father is definitley him because he is the only guy she has been sexually active with lately. I am very surprised, the girl has no siblings, her mother is dead, and lives with her father who can only speak Polish. He doesn't know yet, she is fearing that she might lose her looks, and can't be a cheerleader anymore and doesn't want to be a mom so early in life. She doesn't have enough money for the abortion, neither do we.

My brother still doesn't know yet, we are too afraid to tell him because he has bad coping skills, and often when he hears something disappointing he lashes out in aggression. She has taught him to be really nice, she may be a loose girl, but Trisha is a sweetheart. She just called me and told him she will tell him tonight, but my brother might get very angry.

And my parents are really strict, we don't know how badly they will punish my brother for getting a girl at school knocked up.
You shouldn't tell him. Trisha should.

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