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Should I be worried if I find 10 teens sleeping in the SAME bed?
My 16 year-old daughter was over to a friend's place last week and when I came to pick her up I found 10 teens (boys and grls) all sleeping in the same bed, in the same room and the night before they'd watched a horror movie with a lot of sexual content. Most of the guys were drunk, the girls weren't but they were sleeping very close with the guys in the bed. I think this behavior is highy inappropriate but my daughter says it's "normal". Should I be worried??
Of course! Even SITTING on the same bed gets those teens turned on!
You can't really do anything about it, so at least provide your guyren protection. You don't want to be a grandparent now.
Is there any good sleeping medication for teens?
I am a teenager and have trouble sleeping. I am normally awake until 5 am or later and awake by 1:30 pm. Considering school is starting, I need to get back to a normal sleep schedule. Also, it just isn't healthy.

So, are there any good sleeping meds for teens?
I wouldn't suggest sleeping medication.

This is what I would try:
Start getting up about the time as you normally would for class.
Stay *active* all day long, (not watching TV or plunking on the computer).
Have a glass of milk before bedtime.
If you're having trouble falling asleep at this point, read an algebra book.

Good luck.
What are the best Sleeping pills for teens?
Im 16 and i have alot of trouble sleeping ever since i was 14 and ive been to the doctor many times and all she give me is anti depressants to help clear my head so ill fall asleep but they dont work. i need help to choose what i can use!
You can take medications but they are only temporary and will not always work.
I would suggest you try some sort of relaxation exercise before bed.

You can use the mp3 program at this link. It is called Sleep. It works really well for me. Just keep using it. It will work better all the time the more you use it. Then you won't need any pills.

Take care.
What do you think about sleeping pills for teens?
I'm 16 and i'm homeschooled so i can't sleep til like 3-5 in the morning and i sleep til like 2 in the day.i want normal hours so i was thinking about getting on them. Do they have any crazy side effects or anything?
Here's a better fix to your problem:
Set your alarm to wake you up at a reasonable time, your ideal wake-up time. Do not sleep until 2pm, even if you do not fall asleep at all during the night. Power through your fatigue until a reasonable time comes to go to bed.
Continue waking up at the same time, and sleeping at the same time, NO MATTER WHAT. (Yes, I know how difficult this is, but it is well worth it.)

And with sleeping pills...
Never take them. You are relying on a crutch that will eventually become less effective and will lead to dependency. Yes, that includes anxiety, unusual dreams, stomach and muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and shakiness from withdrawls.

Hope this helps!
Teens still sleeping with there parent?
Can it be bad for the teen to be still sleeping with there mother?
Sleeping is not "bad". One night here or there isn't a issue, but consistently should be avoided.
Is it common to have trouble sleeping when in your teens ?
I am a teenager, and lately i have been waking up usually 2 to 3 times a night. Usually the first time i'll go to the bathroom, and then lay in bed for a few minutes, and then go back to sleep. then i'll wake up 1 or 2 more times and just lay in bed, usually it takes several minutes for me to get back to sleep.
Every morning i wake up exhausted, and dying for 2 or 3 more hours.

So, did you have sleeping problems when you were a teenager ?

Do you have any tips for helping me sleep ! Thank you !
A teenager girl's hormones can be in flux, changing, which can cause insomnia. Are you exercising? That helps. Don't drink any caffeine after 5:00.

Try relaxing your body from the toes up, little by little as you lay on your back. By the time you get to the top, you may drift off.
Is it common for teens to have problems sleeping?
I never used to... I used to love sleep... But now, sometimes it takes me ages to get to sleep.

What about you guys?
of course. that's all we do. eat, complain, and not sleep well!!
Teens: What sleeping pill do you take?
are there any suitable ones for teens? if so, what? i think i need sleeping pills (i'm 16) i just can't sleep even if i'm soooooooooooooooooo tired
I do not take sleeping pills - `slow suicide' pills - I exercsie if I can't sleep.
Teens: Were you ever sleeping and twisted your leg and got a charley horse?
I did that today. It always happens after I work out. I came home and took a nap and twisted my leg weirdly and oh.....it hurt so much. I was screaming in pain. Has anyone ever experienced this? I hate it so much.
I've gotten one a few times, oh my those hurt like whoa especially because it's so tight and you can't walk on the leg D:
lmao my sister works 12 hour shifts in the hospital and sometimes she has to work the whole floor, so i remember when she used to come home and sleep she would wake up with them and flip out and start screaming and whining.
What sleeping pills are safe for teens?
I am going on a international flight in a little bit and I have a lot of trouble sleeping on planes and I am going to need to sleep on the flight so I wanted to take a sleeping pill to make it easier. nothing to strong because when i wake up I need to be able to just get up and go without feeling too drowsy because the pill hadn't worn off. I'm 14 so i want to make sure its safe for me to take.
You can go to the doctor and get a Rx for Ambian, it helps you fall asleep but isn't designed to keep you asleep so after a couple hours if you need to wake up you will be fine.
Or you can of course try herbal solutions such as bringing a couple of chamomile tea bags with you and get the flight attendant to bring you hot water. Also, GABA is a relaxing natural herb that works fairly quickly, take 2 - 750mg capsules. You can also add melatonin, Valerian, Catnip...you can ask at your local herbal store for a good combination herbal remedy that they recommend. Bring along a travel pillow (sits around your neck) some warm socks and some music or DVD (I like to fall asleep with a movie or show on) with earphones along with anything else that will make you as comfy as possible. Bring along a 5 Hour energy so when you wake up you are ready to grab everything and enjoy your destination.

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